colour your monday happy...

...with pretty flowers in refreshing pinks and greens! orange & green ~ wood & wool stool... slippers ~ Ravenhill Designs...

...vintage fabric ~ Creature Comforts...

...Home Sweet Home ~ MayaLee ♥...

...Masterwort ~ Craft & Creativity...

...this week i'm feeling much more refreshed and optimistic! i've managed to pull myself out of the 'cold weather funk' i was wallowing in, hugely helped by the fact that we've had a tropical five degrees here the last two days and most of the snow is now gone. so obviously i'm have delusions of spring being just around the corner and not another two months away, but hey, i like the delusion... ;) in my deluded state i thought i would search for some pretty flowers in the 'all colours in' pool over on flickr. it turned up so many gorgeous images that i feel completely inspired to create a wee bit of my own spring cheer with a few crochet flowers...

...wishing you all a wonderfully creative week!


  1. you really did color my monday happy! thanks for gathering up these gorgeous photos and sharing them.

  2. Perfect brights for this grey and miserable day.

    thank you

  3. Such beautiful colours, I love those slippers. We had unseasonably warm weather yesterday, almost 50 degrees F. It was a really nice break, now I'm trying to get myself psyched up for more months of the freezing cold as well. Can't wait to see your flowers.

  4. we all need a bit of Spring at the moment!!!

  5. Love those slippers!
    Wishing you a happy, colourful week!

  6. Lovely lovely!! :) They make me feel happy!

  7. Hi Emma!
    Lucky you to have some warmer weather. It is still frigid here in the far north...

    This has brighttened my day to visit your little spot of sunshine and to see my handmade slippers here! Thanks for making me feel special today!
    xoxo Emily

  8. glad to know you are feeling better! its finally warming up a bit here too-and the feeling is tremendous!


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