I have moved!

I have moved! Visit me in my new website and blog at www.emmallamb.com | Emma Lamb

Hello everyone! I hope you are well and having a great summer so far?!

I'm popping in to let you know I've moved to a brand-spanking, sparkly new blog over at - www.emmallamb.com

It has been an amazing 7 years blogging from this my wee corner of blogland here on Blogger and I have many fond memories of sharing my life and loves with you here, but alas I have outgrown this cosy little place and it is time to embrace a new home. With lots of exciting things happening in my creative world right now I'm looking forward to sharing them with you over on my new website.

Come and join me to stay up to date with my latest loves and inspirations, colour and crochet obsessions, as well as previews and snippets from my forthcoming crochet book 'Crochet Home', due for release this autumn. Super exciting!

See you there soon!

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  1. Hello from New York to you, Emma, and best wishes on that new website, and also on the upcoming book. I am sure that each will be brilliant and filled with your usual style and grace.

    I will have to find a way to get notifications of new posts on that new site. xo

    1. Hello Frances, so lovely to read your comment today! Thank you for your well wishes and all your support, you are a star!

      If you would like to follow my new blog I recommend using Bloglovin, it is my personal favourite for following all my favourite blogs and you can find me here - https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/emma-lamb-14252565

      If you would like to receive notifications by email you can use the Bloglovin subscribe feature found at the bottom of the 'Latest Posts' page of my new blog here - http://emmallamb.com/blog-latest-posts/

      Alternatively, if you have a Pinterest account I have a board dedicated to my blog posts which you can follow here - https://uk.pinterest.com/emmalamb/emma-lamb-blog/

      Of course I'll also be sharing blog post updates via my social media channels so those are a great way to stay up to date with my news too, Instagram and Twitter are my current faves.

      I hope that helps?!


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