making everyday beautiful : summer hues

Happy Monday folks, how was your weekend? Hopefully everyone in the UK didn't suffer too much during Bertha's wee visit? She's still hanging about the east coast of Scotland right now so the summer feels like it's taking a little break right now. But no matter because this morning I have the most wonderful job of moderating over 700 of your fabulous summer submissions to our making everyday beautiful Flickr group. Wowee, what a treat indeed!

making everyday beautiful : summer hues | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Hello Twiggs, 2. Silvia Raga, 3. lydiafairy, 4. M. Valbom, 5. cafe noHut

While sifting through so many of your pretty pictures it was easy to spot a few lovely summer colours trending. Sky blues, pink petals and energetic brights always feature highly throughout the summer but it was lovely to see lots of lilac, terracotta and apricot tones in the mix too. My absolute favourite today is this delicate mix of blushing apricot, sky blue and geranium pink with just a hint of dusty mauve - such a stunning combination! Light & airy. Delicate & pretty. Absolutely perfect summer hues!


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  1. such a pretty color scheme-super cheery : )

  2. Emma, I do like your pretty hues very much. Might I also add that when I took a walk around the Lake in Central Park, here in New York City yesterday, I was really surprised that our rather mild summer this year had still yielded a crazy overgrown bunch of giant leaves, rose hips, wispy flowers, with just a hint of some flowers and berries coming into their prime.

    Hoping to do a post of the photographs I took on this walk soon. Just wanted to let you know that August has a slightly different botanical signature hereabouts.

    Isn't it fun to see and compare our seasons in our various parts of our world? Hoping that you saw that amazing super full moon last night.


  3. What a lovely happiness to be here again after a long hiatus.
    I love this group.

  4. Ooh those purple beans against the coral plate are a treat for the eyes!
    Blustery weather is continuing here but I'm quite enjoying the autumnal preview - definitely knitting weather.

  5. Meraviglioso collage! C' è così tanta armonia...
    Buona settimana a tutte!

  6. Very nice choices, love all of them!


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