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Hello my blog buddies and happy Tuesday to you all! It has been a crazy couple of days here in my world...

Yesterday there was a mini disaster here that took the whole day to resolve so I couldn't get to blogging and whatnot. It seems we had been flooding the property below us the whole weekend but only found out on Monday morning! Yet more bad plumbing hidden under our floorboards which took a whole afternoon and a lot of mess to find and fix after spending the whole morning just trying to find a plumber that would come out the same day - ugh! Thankfully though the problems were found and fixed and things don't look too bad from here after a big clean up, although there is a lot of damp between our floorboards and the ceiling below. It will take weeks to dry out, maybe longer? But thankfully the weather is getting milder and today the sun has been shining so that should help things along a wee bit.

One small thing that I'm very grateful for is that it is not someones home below us, that would have been so heartbreaking! Plus the lovely people who are below have been very understanding. All day I did what I could to keep them informed on what was happening, why it was happening and how it was being fixed which they seemed to appreciate hugely. I had a good chat with the plumber who said that in these situations communication is key and how he has seen similar situations turn very ugly because of a lack of communication and responsibility. He's totally right, good communication makes these things go much smoother as it builds trust. Two things you definitely need to work on when you are surrounded by so many neighbours! So yes, if anyone in Edinburgh is ever looking for a good plumber I now know a good man I can recommend for you!

Righty-ho then, time to think about something a lot more lovely and pretty...

making everyday beautiful : fabric love | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Jeni Baker, 2. balu51, 3. RubyRed06, 4. Katia Di Maglie, 5. Nesha Shaw

With today's picks from making everyday beautiful I wanted to give a wee shout out to all the fabric fanatics who contribute to the group. All you quilters, embroiderers, weavers, stitchers and fabric hoarders! It's been so long now since I've worked with fabric but I still have a huge amount of admiration for it and all that you do with it. I still have a mini hoarding of my own that I can't seem to let go of or do anything with, but maybe one day I will revisit it!? Until then I do love admiring all your beautiful hoardings and stitchy creations :)

Emma, x

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  1. Hello Emma,
    Thank you so much for including my garland on your "Fabric Love".
    I'm definitely a fabric fanatic!
    So glad you got the plumbing sorted, so difficult to find a good plumber! Hope your week improves now!
    Rachel x

    1. Thank you Rachel! The sun is shining and I've nibbled lots and lots of chocolate to calm my nerves... so things are looking up today ;)
      Loving your new heart garland today, very pretty fabric combination as ever :)

  2. It's so great to be in with my first mini mini tapestry creation Emma! Lovely collection <3 I go and discover all my fabric-lovers mates :)

    Thank you dearest !

  3. What a lot of pretty eye candy - I definitely count myself in the fabric fanatics group :) And so sorry to hear about the plumbing woes - hope it dries out quickly xxx

    1. Zoë you are one of my favourite fabric fanatics! You have such a great eye for vintage loveliness and I love seeing your pics over at meb :)

      Have you seen Jeni Baker's new Dreamin' Vintage collection? Her Lazy Daisy print was inspired by all those vintage florals you love so much! She wrote a great post about the inspiration behind it here - - The two colourways it comes in are absolutely spot on!



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