making everyday beautiful : the egg hunt!

Happy Monday my lovelies! Are you looking forward to the Easter break this weekend? I'll not dance around the bush here, I am so looking forward to the chocolate! Yesterday I am sure I heard a little tinkle of a bell and could have sworn I saw a flash gold amongst the shelves. Could it be that the bunnies are already here!? Eeep! Let's find out...

making everyday beautiful : the egg hunt! | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. **mog**, 2. Silvia Raga, 3. Gigi Melo, 4. Patsy Smiles, 5. le train fantôme

Today's making everyday beautiful picks are all about the hunt - the egg hunt, the bunny hunt, the chocolate hunt! How adorable are Silvia Raga's bunnies!? Hop on over to her beautiful blog for a super easy how to for these and a cute wee bunny garland. Both are perfect little projects to keep your wee ones busy over the half term holidays. Hold on a second, I can hear that tinkling again...

Emma, x

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  1. I adore Silvia she is so sweet and her work is like poetry! Egg hunt is not a tradition in my family but it seems really funny.

    1. Silvia is a star!
      The egg hunt isn't really a tradition in my family either but you know, if there's chocolate involved I'm there ;) xx

  2. Emma, I gave up chocolate for Lent and now I think that every chocolate bunny I spy is winking at me. Shall it be milk or dark chocolate? Only a few more days to go.


    1. Frances, surely it has to be both for achieving such an epic feat ;) xx

  3. Good morning Emma.
    It's good to know that you liked my photo enough to place it here, thank you my dear.
    Silvia's diy looks fun to make, and I agree with you, her blog is adorable.
    I like Easter décor and colors, and these ladies captured it so well in their photos.

    1. Gigi, you made it so hard to choose! You have so many beautiful Easter images just now :) xx


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