making everyday beautiful : bloom!

Good morning blog buddies! Thank you for all your lovely comments and entries for the My Rag Doll book giveaway, I'm absolutely loving reading about all your childhood dolls! How you named them, who made them for you, what you loved about them most of all and especially that some of you still have your little friends today. So sweet! The giveaway will be open right through this week so if you haven't already you still have lots of time to tell me about your favourite childhood doll. Now onto today's making everyday beautiful picks...

making everyday beautiful : bloom! | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Shawna Lemay, 2. NWY69, 3. Ana Schuffer, 4. balu51, 5. Vela Foto

After the rush of bunnies and eggs making everyday beautiful is looking very floral right now. The world is so full of beautiful petals and we have such a love affair with the each spring. Tulips & daffodils, lavender & lilac, dandelions & daisies and every kind of pink blossom you could hope for! Today I wanted to find a slightly different angle on the usual spring colours, an unexpected twist on those pretty pinks. It took a wee bit of searching and experimenting but I eventually pulled together this pink, grey, nude and lovely pinky / putty brown combination. Kind of earthy but delicate, don't you think?

Emma, x

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  1. I am loving all the blossom about at the minute. I have a feeling in my bones we're in for a great summer. I don't think I ever remember the Blackthorn blooming so much before....... either that or it's a sign I'm getting to that age where we appreciate the small things in life more and I just never noticed before.

    1. I noticed it too, the Blackthorn has been amazing this year! Keeping my fingers crossed for that summer too :) xx

  2. Wow Beautiful! It 'the first expression that I came out of my mouth when I opened your blog ^ _ ^
    Beautiful new graphics ... and 'so full of color that brings joy!
    Congratulations Emma!
    A hug,

    1. Thank you Emanuela! I am so happy you like my new graphics, it was definitely time to add some gorgeous bright colours and spruce the place up again :) xx

  3. I adore the vintage feel of those papery pink roses. I remember as a kid walking to school kicking my way through a beautiful carpet of cherry blossom, the most lovely kind of 'snow'. Mx


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