crochet crush : Lalylala, the best amigurumi dolls on the block!

Have you met Dirk the Dragon and his friends? They are the most adorable group of colourful crochet characters you could ever hope to meet! I am just a little bit in love with Dirk right now :)

crochet crush : lalylala, the best amigurumi dolls on the block! | Emma Lamb

This collection of fabulous and whimsical crochet creatures are from the imagination of graphic and textile designer Lydia Tresselt based in Munich, Germany.

"Hello there, my name is Lydia - some call me Laly...

I like the smell of thunderstorms in summer, snail shells, to burst bubble wrap, chocolate & vanilla ice cream and being barefoot in the meadow. In my opinion duct tape is a really important invention. I'm reading books while walking and appreciate to take a stroll in the wood searching mushrooms. Lalylala is the stage for my addiction in crafting - especially crochet and knitting stuff."

The most wonderful thing is that these aren't just objects to buy, no! Lydia has created patterns for each and everyone one of her unique amigurumi doll designs and they are available for you to buy so that you can create your own whimsical creature! How fab is that!? I can crochet my own Dirk to be my bestest friend ever... *ahem* ...after Spanner and my Man of course! Yay! Check out Lalylala's beautiful website to see who is waiting to be crocheted or take a peek at one of her online shops - Etsy, Dawanda or Ravelry - to buy a pattern.

crochet crush : lalylala, the best amigurumi dolls on the block! | Emma Lamb
All images: Lalylala

Once you have bought and downloaded your first Lalylala design be sure to check out Lydia's blog for a special Easter freebie where she shows you how to adapt her basic doll design and create the most adorable Easter rabbit ever! She's called Rita, isn't she gorgeous!?

So tell me, who would you choose to be your bestest friend ever? Yeah, I guess you could also make these for someone else too and I am sure your kids would love Dirk or one of his pals to be their bestest friends too... but you know, priorities!

Oh yes, and if you need a little inspiration be sure to check out the Lalylala crocheters gallery on Pinterest. There are some seriously cute creations on there as well as a few interesting customisations. Happy browsing!

Emma, x

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  1. These crochet dolls are wonderfully endearing !
    Such talent.

  2. Lovely! The mermaid and the sheep are really cute! ♥

  3. I thought I had seen everything when it comes to crochet dolls, but I love these! They're so unique and so cute in that Indie sort of way. Love it!

  4. I love dirk too, he's been on my Pinterest board for a wee while now. I also think kira the kangaroo is really sweet but the new bunny....oh my.... adorable x

    1. Hello Mandy!
      You're right, Kira is so sweet too and I know... Rita the Rabbit is so gorgeous! Her cross stitch embroidery is just amazing!

  5. I have all her patterns and have made Dirk...Such FUN!


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