colour palette : before they fade + haiku #2

colour palette : before they fade | Emma Lamb

Hello lovelies! Today I so need some pretty floral colour in my life how about you!? If you're in Edinburgh of in fact much of Scotland I am sure you're desperate for something other than the dreary grey that has been outside our windows for the last four days now! Even the swathes of daffodils in our local park were looking a little beaten down by today's relentless rain, poor things! Me and the Spanner knew just how they felt when we trudged back home, dripping wet after our walk earlier today. Neither of us really wanted to go but I know a certain little furry someone would have been climbing the walls later today if he hadn't gone!

colour palette : before they fade | Emma Lamb

Anyhow, at least today I can look back on the beauty of these carnations I've had around the house recently. These humble little blooms are my newest favourite! They are such great value for money too, easy to pick up in most florists and shops (especially supermarkets) for a few pounds and if you pick right you can get a bunch to last around three weeks to a month. That's even with me being completely rubbish at changing the water regularly too!

These purple and frilly pink ones were at three weeks and just starting to wilt beyond rescue when I snapped these pictures this weekend. I love these two colours together and kept them in one big blooming bunch until they started to go, that's when I rescued a few of the best that were left and had a little fun with some of my vintage vases.

colour palette : before they fade | Emma Lamb
colour palette : before they fade | Emma Lamb
colour palette : before they fade | Emma Lamb

Oh yes, and these humble little blooms also inspired me to write my second ever haiku poem...

colour palette : before they fade | Emma Lamb

If you missed my first ever haiku, inspired by a Quince & Co. crochet shawl pattern I'm working on just now, you can read it here. While I'm not following all the haiku rules (read a good 'how to' on those here) I'm enjoying playing with the seventeen syllable construction. It makes them so addictive to write! I love that they are little pieces of art in themselves as well as being a beautiful way to encapsulate my sentiments and inspirations. If you've never tried it I definitely recommend giving it a whirl! Let me know in the comments if you do so I can come over and read them too :)

Emma, x

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  1. Love your haikus! I stumbled upon a small Afrikaans book of haikus during the December holidays, and thought that is is something to learn to write this year. Haven't started yet...

    1. Thank you Stel :)
      Ooooh, your Afrikaans book of haikus sounds very interesting... I'd love to read those too!
      You should definitely try writing a haiku yourself too, maybe next time you are feeling very inspired by something!?

  2. Your Haikus are are wonderful! I may have to try my hand at some. Love the color palette you put together with your flowers! (Hope your rain stops soon! March was the wettest month on record in Washington state this year, uhg!}

  3. Ah yes, carnations ... I love them too ! I need to pick some soon !
    Your haiku is wonderful ! I love it !
    It's so grey & rainy today ... not a chance for taking product pics, shoots :(
    Wishing you a great day !


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