my first haiku

my first haiku | Emma Lamb

Since I was feeling so squiffy this weekend I was in need of some instant, super speedy yarn related gratification. Yes I know have at least eleven wips on the go according to my Ravelry count (believe me when I say there are the same again work wise hanging around my studio) and yes I am sure that completing at least one or two of them would lead to vast feelings of achievement and satisfaction... but you know, there's nothing quite like breaking into a gorgeous skein of yarn to start an equally gorgeous project you've had your eye on for a while. OMG! It is sooooooo, so gratifying!

my first haiku: Gentle waves rippling, in repeats of chains and shells, making me happy. | Emma Lamb

So this weekend I added 'haiku' to my cart along with a few other treats and broke into this delicious skein of Old Maiden Aunt that I picked up at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival last spring. It's called 'Buttermint' and is the most delicious shade of ochre mustard you could possibly wish for. I'm working this shawl on a smaller hook than the pattern calls for since I want to make a denser fabric for an early spring shawl. It's still a wee bit chilly here right now and I plan to be wearing this straight from the blocking board! The pattern itself is an easy to memorise repeat so perfect for picking up and doing a few rows before bed when a cold addled head can't cope with anything too complex. It's on my Ravelry pages here if you want to know more. Oh yes, and in honour my first ever haiku shawl I wrote my first ever haiku poem!

Gentle waves rippling,
in repeats of chains and shells,
making me happy.

my first haiku | Emma Lamb

I worked so hard on those seventeen syllables and had to Google 'rippling' just to double check that it was 'rip-pling' and not 'rip-pl-ing'. Accents have such a huge effect on how we pronounce our words both out loud and in our own minds so I was making doubly sure my Scottish / North East England mash up of an accent wasn't making up it's own syllable construction. Honestly this was probably the trickiest little sentence I've ever written! Usually I write as though I'm just chatting with someone and never give much thought to any of the technical stuff. Thing is I'm already thinking about my next haiku, since I'll definitely be crocheting another shawl I will most definitely need another poem to go with it!

Have any of you ever written a haiku? I'd love to read them if you'd like to share them in the comments, it would be great to inspire each other!

Emma, x

ps : The excitement is already building for the next Edinburgh Yarn Festival planned for March 2015, find out all you need to know here. I'm already saving my pennies for another yarn splurge!

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  1. Your sentence perfectly describes your new shawl!
    I really like both!

  2. I love everything in this post, your project, the color, and of course your haiku !
    Here's one I had written back in August 2009 :

    purple, pink, yellow,
    can't get enough of this glow
    a frame, my window

    (it referred to this photo : )


    1. Oh Sonia, they are both so beautiful! Your photo reminds me of the sunsets at my Mam and Dad's, the view is so similar! And your haiku is perfect for it! I couldn't agree more with the first two lines and I love the simplicity of the third. Great writing! xx

  3. Great job! I just love this color combination :) I totally understand the feeling of splurging on some yummy yarn. I would love to go to a yarn festival, have never been.

    Have a great week.

  4. Beautiful shawl and a very clever haiku!! Your post has brightened up my day, many thanks! Can you tell me if the yarn is 4 ply / sock weight ...... or something else, please?? I'm not quite confident enough to give it a go without a bit of help!! Many thanks for the loveliness of all your work and words.

    1. Thank you! The yarn I'm using is Old Maiden Aunt Superwash 4ply and you can find out more on my Ravelry stash page here -

    2. Thanks so much! I love the colour you've chosen. You'll love wearing it!

  5. A smile enveloped
    In an image of beauty.
    Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. Fabulous! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! xx

  6. and in turn made me happy too :) love it !



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