making everyday beautiful : bold + bright

Hello my blog buddies! Sorry for being so absent last week, some home stuff took over my time before I was struck down by another one of those icky flu type bugs these last few days. There's a ton of stuff I need to catch up on and my inbox is full to bursting right now, if you're waiting to hear from me I shall be in touch soon! Until then I hope you enjoy these picks from making everyday beautiful?

making everyday beautiful : bold + bright | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Carrie Strine, 2. ueha nochi, 3. fox-and-fern, 4. CappelloABombetta, 5. Peony and Thistle

I'm loving the energy and warmth in this little selection, the mix of fresh blooms and vintage china florals next to the geometry of the candle collection and quilt design. It's such a bold combination and the bright orange, red, pink and magenta tones combined with all those beautiful shades of green are totally making my Monday more beautiful!

Oh btw, if you haven't read it already I did a wee interview for lovely Serena over at her beautiful blog Cappello A Bombetta a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned it on Facebook and whatnot at the time but completely forgot to add a wee note over here, yikes! The Italian translation comes first - thank you to lovely Serena for her fabulous work here! - but if you scroll down a wee bit you can read it in English too!

Happy Monday my friends!
Emma, x

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  1. These lovely colours are just what I need to see right now, the pansies are so pretty! Must Get Planting!

  2. hope you're feeling better : )

    these are beautiful !

  3. Good morning Emma.

    It's so good to start seeing colors again, life here it's been so gray.

    I've known some of these talented ladies already through their flickr accts., and it's very nice to see them here as well.

  4. Thank you Emma! Gorgeous! Hope you are feeling better now.


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