Jacaranda Designs Jewelry giveaway winner

Jacaranda Designs Jewelry giveaway winner announcement | Emma Lamb

Thank you to everyone who entered this lovely giveaway from my fabulous sponsor Jacaranda Designs Jewelry. The lucky winner, as chosen by Jane herself, who will receive a $40 gift card to spend as they wish is... Mandy! And this is the little shopping spree Mandy has planned...

"Oh gosh! How do I choose? Ok let's give it a try.....I like the ditsy little flower necklace, one of each colour please. I want ALL of the statement ring, just Devine! I love the little ear rings with the birds and flowers in so let's make it one of each pair of those too........I think I should stop now....I need to take a moment....ok time to leave before I bankrupt myself! X"

Congratulations Mandy! Mandy, I don't have a contact email for you so could you please get in touch with me, my email is emmallamb[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks and happy shopping!

Emma, x

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  1. I'm inspired reading your articles and designs. Awesome collections.


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