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Hello you lovely people, thank you so much for all your kind words about my haiku yesterday. It's been so fun to read yours too, you clever people! Please do keep them coming, they are all so inspiring!

Righty-ho, today's post is a beautiful new colour story and I am so thrilled to welcome the wonderfully talented Laura Amiss! Laura is an absolutely incredible textile artist and I have been following her work for nearly five years now, ever since she posted this set of embroidered portraits over on her Flickr pages back in 2009. At the time many of us were just discovering and falling in love with all things 'granny chic' and for me Laura's textile canvases were the perfect blend of something old and something new.

colour story : Laura Amiss | Emma Lamb

Her fresh approach to using traditional embroidery and applique techniques was and still is a huge inspiration to me, not to mention her fabulous eye for colour! Since then her portfolio has gone from strength to strength as she constantly evolves and explores new subject matter. Her building and cityscapes are instantly recognisable as being uniquely 'Laura Amiss' and I absolutely love her most recent animal themed pieces! Goodness me! I had better stop gushing and hand you over to Laura to share her colour story in her own words...

Hello, I’m Laura, I’m an illustrator and designer living in Holland, although I am originally from the North of England. I’ve been selling my printed illustrations online via Etsy for over 5 years now. I begun after my second child was born, I was feeling unsatisfied from a work perspective and it seemed like a perfect time to take a few risks. Studying Textiles at Goldsmiths lead me to my first creative commercial experiment: knitted hand-bags. Once enlightened to the limited market for non-showerproof and water absorbent handbags, I soon broadened out into mounted stitched textile illustrations, and then developed an applique canvas technique, utilizing felt embroidered onto printed canvas and in doing so opening up in to a world of colour that felt so natural to me.

colour story : Laura Amiss | Emma Lamb

Last year I was approached by Wordpress to design a premium theme based around the work they had seen on primarily on my Etsy site. I designed for them a theme drawing a lot on my cityscapes illustrating style and similar palettes called Little Story. Using skills I learnt for Wordpress I’ve now begun creating custom Wordpress templates and web art, such as banners and logos. I receive most of my work because people are attracted to my use of colour, which gives me great satisfaction, as it is the area, which I feel most confident and comfortable.

colour story : Laura Amiss | Emma Lamb

I am very much inspired by colour combinations, pattern and texture; these things are often the basis for the beginning of an illustration rather than an image. I sometimes try to go outside of my comfort zone with regard to colours, however try as I might to avoid using the colour teal, it will usually wiggle its way in somewhere. I painted the frame of an old 1950’s door frame teal when we moved in to our home 3 years ago, the first thing my father in law said was ‘what colour are you going to paint that door?’… hmmm it’s painted already!

colour story : Laura Amiss | Emma Lamb

My textiles canvases often start with interesting pieces of fabric I have found, my process is rather organic in how I piece things together. I don’t see it that different to sketching and drawing, I am essentially still mark making. I really enjoy combining muted tones with the occasional splash of something bold, I do this in both my digital illustrations and pure textiles. Colours can make us happy, one thing that took my by surprise regarding the feedback on my work is that it made people smile and I think that has a lot to do with the colours I use.

colour story : Laura Amiss | Emma Lamb
All images: Laura Amiss // website - shop - facebook - twitter - instagram

Love, love, love! Thank you so much Laura, it is such an honour for me to share your work here and to be able to support one of my favourite textile artists. You are an absolute star and I look forward to following your fabulous work for many more years to come! Goodness, I'm doing it again! Please, please go check out Laura's Etsy shop I know you will love everything there just as much as I do :)

Emma, x

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  1. Such a great story!!!
    I love her fabulous work so much.
    I have met her shop about 3 or 4 years ago and I was fascinated when I saw her works.
    I have her two printed illustrations "Scattered showers and Canal houses, Amsterdam" I am very happy every time when I look them...

    Lots of love...


    1. Ayda, I love that you are a huge fan of Laura's too!
      Those are two very beautiful prints you've picked out, right now I'm especially loving this 'Amsterdam' print -
      'I was different' has always been a big favourite for me too and one day I hope to own a canvas -
      Emma, x

  2. Hello Emma,
    This artist does not know her and I have to say that his work was immediately conquered!
    Thanks for letting me know.
    See you soon.
    P.S. beautiful photos of her designs!

    1. Thank you Emanuela, I'm thrilled to introduce you to Laura's stunning art! xx


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