colour palette : spring blossom

Hello friends and happy Friday! This week I've been out and about making the most of the gorgeous spring sunshine and taking lots of pics of the beach, blue skies and pretty blossom. Today I wanted to share my favourite blossom snaps with you since these are the ones inspiring me the most today...

colour palette : spring blossom | Emma Lamb

It's still a little too early for the cherry blossom here but this lone Blackthorn is in full glory with it's delicate white petals. Don't they look amazing against the backdrop of the pastel blue sky!? From a distance all I could see was dark branches sprinkled with tiny white blooms but when I got up close I saw this whole range of gentle earthy pinks, orange, yellow and olive greens. Such beautiful little pops of colour! So inspiring and so wonderful to see more signs of nature coming to life again. The other thing that always comes with sunny days and spring blossom is the choir of birdsong, have you heard it to!? It always makes me smile and happy to imagine that the lone little winter Robins aren't quite so lonely anymore!

colour palette : spring blossom | Emma Lamb
colour palette : spring blossom | Emma Lamb
colour palette : spring blossom | Emma Lamb

This weekend I'm hoping for more sunshine and maybe another overly optimistic picnic or two, it's still a wee bit nippy out! Something lovely to break up the big studio shuffle I have planned, a whole bunch of Ikea boxes arrived this week as I'll be replacing some of the old low shelving units with a huge 5x5 Expedit - that should be a fun bit of diy, right!? I'm figuring it will give me tonnes more floor space and a good excuse for a ruthless clear out in preparation for new... stuff.

What do you guys have planned this weekend? Anything exciting!?

Emma, x

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  1. Nothing like spring blossoms!
    This weekend...friends, kung fu grading, family day at preschool, more friends...a full weekend :-) Enjoy yours!

  2. Wonderful photos, love your style! :) What camera do you have please? I'm currently shopping around for one, and I'd appreciate any help <3

    1. Hi Nicola,
      I'm currently using an old Canon G9, a simple point and shoot that I permanently use on auto mode! It's a great little camera and I can get some really great pics with it but it can't do everything I want it to so I've also got my eye out for something new too. That's a while away for me yet as there are a few other things ahead of it on my shopping list!
      Good luck! x


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