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Hello blog buddies how are you all today? Did you have a great weekend? I had planned to take a Sunday afternoon wander around Edinburgh's Botanical Gardens but ended up taking wander into town for a spot of window shopping instead. A rarity indeed, I loathe shopping trips! But the lure of tea and macarons at Patisserie Valerie on The Bridges plus a stop off at Hotel Chocolat was just impossible to resist, especially on a cold, drizzly and foggy day. Nom, nom! I also stopped off at Paperchase a to pick up a few useful bits and bobs to organise my studio - the big shuffle is at last starting to come together, phew!

making everyday beautiful : moments | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Capello A Bombetta, 2. Jasna Janekovic, 3. cocon work, 4. Hydi H. Hoost, 5. cafe noHut

Today's picks from making everyday beautiful are a really pretty selection of finds that I think totally epitomise the theme of the group. The simplest of everyday moments that stop us in out tracks because of their seemingly effortless and spontaneous beauty. Those moments when you just have to drop whatever you are doing to grab your camera and immortalise the scene before you in every perfect pixellated detail so you can forever hold onto your happy feelings and inspirations. Today these images make me happy because I can imagine the enjoyment of each and every photographer taking them.

Happy Monday to you all!
Emma, x

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  1. Replies
    1. Love your BRĂ…KIG and doilies combo! xx

  2. Happy Monday, Emma. This "hotel chocolat" sounds like a dream!

    1. It is a chocoholics dream chocolate shop! Just to step through their doors has me giddy - total kid in a candy shop kinda giddy! There's so much choice and so many interesting things just waiting to be tasted it's tough to know where to start! Have a peek at their website and you'll see what I mean - - Even their tab icons over on their FB page has me drooling! xx

    2. This is next on my want to taste list -
      ;) xx

  3. You're right, Emma ...
    There are things that must be captured with the camera, and then enjoy it in the future!
    Thank you for the beautiful selection ... you have impeccable taste!
    With love,

    1. Thank you Emanuela!
      We are very lucky to have such fabulously talented ladies sharing their work over at 'making everyday beautiful' :)


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