mmm, chocolaty!

mmm, chocolatey! Nutella and oatcake sandwiches with crushed cocoa nibs | Emma Lamb

I don't often post recipe's... sorry, sorry 'recipe' is totally out of order here!

Okay, so it's not often I write 'how-to' (far more apt!) posts here ('not often' is probably a huge overstatement too, 'rarely' or even 'never' would be far more accurate!) but I 'designed' this wee sandwich earlier in the week and have been nibbling them everyday since. So, so delicious! And super simple too! Read on for my chocolaty sandwich how-to...

mmm, chocolatey! Nutella and oatcake sandwiches with crushed cocoa nibs | Emma Lamb

You will need:

:: Nairn's Fine Milled Oatcakes
:: Large jar of Nutella (the large jar isn't essential for this project, but honestly who buys the small ones!?!?)
:: Crushed cocoa nibs (I got mine form the lovely wee Coco Chocolate shop on Broughton Street in Edinburgh)

:: Butter knife (or any blunt knife since there will definitely be some licking going on in a mo! Oh and don't even bother with a plate, they're so not going to last that long!)

Assembling the sandwiches:

:: First layout 4 oatcakes (I know 4 might be a wee bit controversial since they will only make up two sandwiches but that's my limit at any one time, but... *ahem* ...the next time might be in just ten short minutes),
:: spread a reasonable amount of Nutella onto each oatcake, not so much that it will squeeze out all over your fingers when you start eating your sandwich but don't be stingy! (At this point feel free to leave as much Nutella on your knife as you like too since you'll be licking that clean just as soon as you are done spreading, but please DO NOT put a licked knife back into the Nutella jar. That's just wrong!),
:: generously sprinkle two of your chocolate coated oatcakes with the crushed cocoa nibs,
:: place the un-sprinkled chocolate coated oatcakes chocolate side down on top of the sprinkled chocolate coated oatcakes and gently press together,
:: that's it, you're done and ready to eat!

Top tips:

:: While devouring the first sandwich pop the kettle on for a cuppa which will most likely be ready just as the second sandwich is disappearing down your throat!
:: If you're not a fan of oatcakes feel free to substitute them with digestives or another biscuity treat, shortbread might be nice!?
:: If you can't get hold of crushed cocoa nibs try using chopped walnuts instead, I think it's the bitter sweet combo that totally makes these sandwiches
:: DO NOT substitute the Nutella! That's just totally wrong!

mmm, chocolatey! Nutella and oatcake sandwiches with crushed cocoa nibs | Emma Lamb
mmm, chocolatey! Nutella and oatcake sandwiches with crushed cocoa nibs | Emma Lamb

Happy Friday my bloggy friends!
Emma, x

ps : I should point out that this is NOT a sponsored post. I had this stuff in my cupboard because I like this stuff and this is the stuff I eat. Ha, I wish I knew how to get some kind of chocolaty sposorship because you know... I do like a wee bit of chocolate every now and then ;)

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  1. Emma, you've made me smile with this recipe for sweetness.

    You've also inspired me for a way to have a massive chocolate send off, before I attempt to once again give up chocolate for Lent.

    As always, visiting your site is so much fun, and also a way to find inspiration. Usually, that's visual inspiration, but this time...another sense is awakened.

    (Adding to this sensation is my just finishing reading Ian Rankin's Saints of the Shadow Bible. I love Edinburgh and have also had the pleasure of chatting with Mr Rankin. You do live in a very creative atmosphere.)


  2. I have oatcakes, but no Nutella. Must get up and get to the shops, I want this for breakfast.
    S xx

  3. Oh my gosh, these look good. And you know something, I can't remember if I've ever even tried nutella!


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