making everyday beautiful : mid-winter

making everyday beautiful : mid-winter | Emma Lamb
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Mid-winter can be such a tricky time of year for lots of people for so many reasons, the January blues can kick in hard when the holiday fun begins to fade to memories. As you know, I can struggle with the cold dark days. The short days and limited sunlight can be a big issue for me at times, but I've learnt over recent years that taking long dog walks when the sun is at it's highest really helps and keeping myself busy with lots of projects is a very good distraction. This year I'm being careful to choose only the most creatively stimulating projects that will make me feel excited about creating instead of overwhelmed. Some things I will take a break from to make way for others that I hope will rejuvenate me. I want 2014 to be about growth, development and exploration. I want to get back to the roots of why I enjoy creating and experimenting with the new. Sometimes when you are running a small business on your own it is too easy to lose balance between maintaining an income and nurturing your creativity. It has happened to me over the last year and now I must redress the balance. To help with that, from today I'll be taking part in the winter session of Creative Courageous Year (last week's giveaway winner was lovely Sarah Boyd, who is also looking to develop her creativity in 2014). I am so excited about this and can't wait to get stuck in! If you're taking part too I look forward to seeing you over there :)

Also, a huge thank you to all my 'making everyday beautiful' contributors! You are always such a huge inspiration to me and a daily reminder to recognise and enjoy the beauty in the everyday simplicity of my life. You are invaluable to me and to many others in our community I am sure!

Happy Monday everyone!
Emma, x

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  1. Wishing you lots of inspiration this new year Emma :) I could defiantly identify when you said that its hard to strike a balance between creativity and making a living, I hope you get to a better place creatively this year. I'm sure you will :) I think some much needed creative projects for your own pleasure are needed at the mo :) This is something I am trying to do as well this year, making for pleasure and inspiration rather then working all the time and thinking of selling. I know that everything you make is wonderful and I'm sure it will work out very well for you my dear, wishing you a lovely time ahead lovely lady, love Saffa xxx

    1. Hello Saffa, so lovely to hear from you!
      Your are absolutely right, I do need to create and crochet for my own pleasure right now and I feel really excited that I am manoeuvring things so I can do just that! It's wonderful that you are doing the same this year too, I look forward to seeing you creations :)
      Happy New Year to you! xx

  2. Oh I'm so happy to be featured again your weekly curated collection!!! Thank you! And I loved your words as I feel the same... January hasn't been easy for me and I just hope it's a phase and doesn't turn into a year thing. I'm looking for the exact same as you for 2014, to reconnect, to get more organized, to do more of what I love... Let's hope we both achieve our goals shall we?? Hugs!

    1. Thank you dearest Claudia! I am adoring your winter photography just now, so, SO beautiful! I'm sorry your start to the New Year isn't going so well, but it's great that you're recognising you need to do something now to stop it snowballing into something detrimental. I hope you are able to make time for more of the things you love, so important at any time but I think even more so just now. Hoping hugely and determined to make it so... you have my support! xxx

  3. Emma, I found this post very inspiring and revealing. Sometimes, we who regularly visit lovely sites like yours might perhaps start to think about the shades of green lawns in that site's neighborhood.

    You've given me a good reminder that each of us has many wonders right in our own non-virtual neighborhood, and our generosity in sharing that particular atmosphere is what makes it such a pleasure to click our way around blog land.

    It's always a pleasure for me to visit hereabouts, and I wish you all sorts of lovely creative explorations in this still rather New 2014.


    1. I completely understand your perspective Frances and I too can struggle with the very same issue sometimes. Blogging can be a very tricky medium and it is always good to try and remember why people write their blogs and what it means to them to do what they do with their blog.

      More often than not blogs are deeply personal whether monetised or not and are written from a very personal perspective irrelevant of how personal the information might be. Also, many bloggers are blogging as a way to bring joy and beauty into their own lives as well as others. They don't want to blog about the crap that goes on in their own lives, not everyone wants to lay that out there for all to see. Blogging is a form of creativity and escapism as well as a social experience. Because of all of this, along with many other bloggers too I'm sure, I am always striving for and hoping to make it a perpetually positive experience so it's second nature to always put my best foot forward here.

      It's really great to hear that you are able to remind yourself of this too and enjoy the beauty and generosity of blogland without (too much) jealousy or envy.

      There are many shades of green, all to be appreciated in the right place at the right time. Here you'll mostly only see the prettiest shades I have to offer.

      Thank you for your wonderful wishes for 2014, I do hope this new year brings you a wealth of inspiration and creativity too.



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