making everyday beautiful : January colour

Hello my blog buddies and happy Monday to you all! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend? Mine in a nutshell: lazy mornings, lots of haggis for Burns night, doing the accounts and submitting the dreaded tax return. So glad that last one's all done for another year, woo-hoo!

making everyday beautiful : January Colour | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. giorgia ghezzi, 2. Shawna Lemay, 3. Rachel Hauser, 4. IssabellaTheCat, 5. Rose Beerhorst

As you can see today's making everyday beautiful favourites are looking a wee bit different this week. Sometimes I think the way I collage your images for these posts can look a little cluttered and fussy which I think distracts from your gorgeous photos. THIS is how today's collection would look in my old style layout. Although I've squared the images in this new layout and you aren't seeing the full original image, the neatness and wee bit of white breathing space around them makes it feel like you are actually seeing more. Don't you think? Plus this simpler layout is so much quicker for me to curate, with the old one I could easily spend an hour or two fiddling and twiddling with the arrangement in such an obsessive way to get it looking just right. Another bonus right there!

So yes, today's favourites! I am absolutely loving your January colours, instead of giving in to the grey you are mixing it up with bold berry tones and intense floral shades with absolutely gorgeous results! When in doubt, make your own colour... very inspiring!

Emma, x

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  1. Hi Emma!
    J'm so happy to be part of lovely column; it's a wonderful surprise!
    Thank you,
    Linfa creativa blogspot

    1. Thank you Giorgia, for being part of 'making everyday beautiful' and sharing your gorgeous image with us... it is utterly beautiful! x

  2. Beautiful colors ... these give you energy! Happy Monday to you too Emma!

  3. I like the new layout for the mosaics, yes probably a little less "messy" (even though it was NOT messy !!) The return of the sun here has been such a blessing. The darkest & wettest December & January (until next week) got the best of us all here. Sending you & wee man my warmest hugs xoxo

    1. Thank you Sonia, I'm pleased you like the 'less messy' look too ;)
      Oh, I am so glad you've had some sunshine at last! I think we're in for some of that dark wet weather too and it's set to get a wee bit colder. I wouldn't mind some snow... sunny winter days when there is lots of snow on the ground are just the best, so uplifting! I'm guessing you guys haven't had any snow yet either!?
      Big hugs to you & Gary :) xxx

  4. Yes, that little bit of white around the images does seem to have a nice effect. Thanks for including me!


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