colour palette : unexpected buds

Hi everyone! Remember last week when I talked about Creative Courageous Year, Stephanie Levy's creative inspiration e-course, and how we're being encouraged to really observe the seasonal colours around us? Well one of our projects was to take a nature walk and see what we could find. I chose to take my camera to our local park one day while walking Spanner with the intent to look further than the boggy muddy field and dreary grey skies that I see every day. (Still no snow as yet in Edinburgh this winter, but I'm feeling hopeful as it gets colder!) I have to admit I wasn't too hopeful when first I set out but as I forced myself to really look around me I found some utterly beautiful details...

budding winter colour | Emma Lamb

Even though it's been a very wet and mild winter here it was still a surprise to find these budding branches. Those tiny bright green clusters of buds were like tiny glittering jewels of colour set against their purple tinged branches and the grey wall behind. In fact the green looked almost neon and instantly made me think of this crochet blanket. When you see colours like those in this blanket it's hard to imagine that you could find them in nature, never mind in your local park, but here they are!

I'm still on my grey kick right now so I'm loving the depth and variety of grey shades here, especially with this bluish purple tinge which makes them feel very wintry yet fresh. They're vibrant and energised instead of dull and lifeless. Uplifting and inspiring which is just what I need right now!

budding winter colour | Emma Lamb
budding winter colour | Emma Lamb
budding winter colour | Emma Lamb

I'll be sharing more found winter colour as I get time to sort through my photos, but until then keep your fingers crossed for a dusting of snow or even some frost in these parts. I wouldn't mind snapping a few 'real' winter pics too!

Emma, x

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