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Hello, hello!

Goodness this week is hurtling by! Not that that's a bad thing because I seem to be in 'achieving mode' this week with lots of behind the scenes kinda stuff. Mostly finishing projects and tying up the loose ends of 2013 before the holidays start; getting on top of the Christmas shopping and dare I say it starting to plan for 2014! Okay so most of you will probably have started your 2014 planning already, especially if you're running your own small business, but with the last few months I've had here it feels like an epic achievement for me! I feel so excited about it all too. My creativity has been in such a slump lately with my motivation being thwarted at every available opportunity. But it's time to put that aside, take a rest and gather my thoughts over the holidays before diving headlong into that plan! I know I've been hinting at new things for months now but you know, stuff got in the way. Now it's time to just bloody well get on with it and get it done!

With that said, here's something kinda new for you...

Emilia Flower Garland, crochet pattern by Emma Lamb
£4.00, via Ravelry

I am sure some of you will recognise my Emilia Flower Garland design from Mollie Makes earlier this year, but now I can offer you all my spiffy new PDF version. Yay! I popped it into my Etsy, Ravelry and Folksy shops late last night - note that if you purchase it from Etsy and Ravelry you will be able to download your PDF immediately, however if you purchase through Folksy I will need to email you with a PDF attachment. On, and if you purchase via the handy wee 'buy now' button above that is also via Ravelry, the same as the other 'buy now' links in my pattern page.

As I mentioned this PDF went live late last night and I woke up this morning to lots of sales already (thank you so much everyone!) as well as some super lovely feedback left on my Facebook page...

"I just bought and downloaded the Emilia flower garland pdf pattern and I must say - I am blown away. It's just beautiful to look at, fabulous photos, easy to follow and just all round pretty. Love love love."

This has totally made my day because I worked so hard on this little PDF and I am so proud of it! I do hope you love it too?

Emilia Flower Garland, crochet pattern by Emma Lamb

Emilia Flower Garland, crochet pattern by Emma Lamb

Emma, x

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  1. So excited you've done this. I've actually been looking for a pattern similar to your designs this week. And voila! Here it is! Thank you. Already got it!

  2. hi emma!

    so fresh and lovely!

    warmest wishes for a bright and healthy new year!


  3. I posted the one I taught myself to make from your pattern in Mollie Makes on my last blog post. Hope the 2014 plan making is going well. I am REALLY struggling with mine! X


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