making everyday beautiful : hello December!

making everyday beautiful : hello December! | Emma Lamb
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Hello, happy Monday and happy December friends!

While almost everyone is else is starting to prep and decorate for the holidays I'm feeling just a teeny bit jealous that there is still a ton of painting and furniture shuffling to be done around here! Apart from one or two snowflakes and a festive garland on my desk there's nothing else to suggest that the holiday season is upon us. I haven't even begun to think about gifts either. Thankfully I'm in no mood to panic about it and am keeping my focus on the task in hand - Painting, painting, just keep painting! Don't worry though, there will be plenty of tea breaks to bring you some lovely posts, including those two wee giveaways I mentioned last week!

In the meantime please do keep sharing your lovely festive and December inspired images over at 'making everyday beautiful' which is looking utterly gorgeous right now! Oh, and do remember my Etsy shop sale if you are shopping for gifts today - 20% off with the code GIVING

Emma, x

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