Hello! - Emma Lamb and Spanner photographed by Sussie Bell for the upcoming book 'Craft, Show & Sell' by Torie Jayne
Image credit: photography by Sussie Bell for the upcoming book 'Craft, Show & Sell' by Torie Jayne

Hello my lovelies, I'm back! How are you all!? I haven't been so well recently and have had a whole bunch of life stuff to sort out, to do that I needed to take some time for myself and be offline for a wee while. I know you know how it gets sometimes. Mostly stuff is sorted as I can see a glimmer of light at the end of this long dark tunnel and no matter what, I plan to have normality in it's rightful place by the time the festive break comes around in just a few short weeks! In the meantime though it's time to get back to work and blogging as usual, I have so missed it and you all! Speaking of which I shall be back soon with a lovely 'making everyday beautiful' post, see you then!

Emma, x

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  1. HI Emma :) Sorry to hear you have been unwell..but am very glad to hear you are on the mend :) Nice to have you back xxxx

  2. Well the break has done you well. You look relaxed and restored.
    Welcome back.
    Missed you.
    Lee from Australia

  3. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling so good, wishing you well.
    Lovely to have you back! :)
    V x

  4. Hi Emma,

    Welcome back to blog land! Sorry to hear you have not been well. I do hope you are feeling better after a well deserved break. I & I'm sure many more of your readers missed your inspiring posts. Keep up the good work...to create is to free your imagination & awake your soul.
    Happy stitching Miss Leela xo

  5. great photo!
    i hope that you are doing well now : )

  6. Sorry to hear you've been il Emma, I hope you are feeling a lot better now. Sometimes its good to have a break of sorts and it will re-change you I'm sure :) I hope all is well for you this Christmas and New Year to come :) I have missed reading your posts and seeing your beautiful work, so very pleased to see you back on here :) take care, safxx

  7. Welcome back Emma, you have been missed dearly. I hope that your days will be filled with bright colours and positivity. Warm wishes, Yvonne xox

  8. Sorry you haven't been doing to well lately, Miss Emma. Hope you are feeling better! This is such a wonderful photo of you and Spanner--and how exciting to be featured in an upcoming book! xoxoxo

  9. You look amazing, what a wonderful smile...

  10. Sorry to hear you've had a tough time. Gorgeous photo of you - welcome back! :)

  11. Hope you are better and that we will be seeing you again more often!AriadnefromGreece!

  12. Missed you my friend ! You both look soooooo wonderful on this photo ! Frame worthy for sure ! xoxo

  13. Wonderful to see you back, you look lovely!

  14. Sorry to hear things have been difficult and wish you better soon. What a stunning photo of you.


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