studio details : a snapshot of my day

Hello my lovelies! Today my day is looking a lot like this...

studio details : a snapshot of my day | Emma Lamb

It's been a quiet day mostly spent in my pjs, tinkering with crochet flowers and organising my FB page (organising photo albums to be precise and inadvertently deleting dozens of pictures, ho-hum) while I waited in for delivery of my new toy - a spiffy new laptop. Yay!

I am so excited about getting this thing up and running so I can faff around with it's super speedy touch screen. I haven't upgraded my work computer for years so more than anything I'm hoping for looking forward to being able to have more than two programs open at once without feeling like I've just dunked it in a pot of treacle and to no more powering off tantrums! Needless to say there are going to be a few hours of software installing and I'm expecting the inevitable 'why won't it talk to my wifi' debacle! But at least I have my crochet hooks to keep my sanity intact... well, mostly.

studio details : a snapshot of my day | Emma Lamb
studio details : at last, a fabby new toy to play with! | Emma Lamb
studio details : a snapshot of my day | Emma Lamb

So that's my exciting day, what wonderful things have you lovelies been up to!?

Emma, x

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  1. Emma: What fun! Your work is so joyful! You are going to love having a new computer. I replaced mine earlier this year after a very long time and it's so nice to not have to give it a little pep talk each morning, hoping that it won't crash or go all cattywampus!

    1. Thank you Holly!
      'Cattywampus'!? What a fab word! I just googled it and yes my old pc was totally cattywampus! I'll be so pleased once I've transferred everything over and I won't have to put up with it's cattywampus ways anymore!
      Yay! I have a new favourite word ;)

  2. So glad you treated yourself with a new tool, they're quite vital for us with online businesses, aren't they ? Since I've switched to Apple in December 2010, there'll be no turning back. Even three years later & tons of photos & files later, it still works like on the first day. But not everyone wants to change to Apple, I understand.
    Such beautiful shades of green ... I love having glimpses of your daily work ! Thanks for sharing ! oxoxo

  3. I would love to know what type of yarn you use emma, your work always uses such beautiful colours has such a lovely sheen to it! I am new to crochet and dont have a wool shop near me, so trying to order yarn on line is trying, you never get the same joy as looking and touching for real!

    Any info would be very appriciated, and thank you for supplying a dose of happy in my life xx

  4. Wow what a fantabulous collection of flowers Do you have a favourite book for your patterns? I'm so lucky to be working in an wonderful yarn shop in Melbourne Most days I have a small stash of great colours to take home and play with Sock yarn is my favourite at the mo Thnx Emma for lots of crochet goodiness xx


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