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A custom Merry Mobile in the works | Emma Lamb

Happy Friday everyone!

Again I find myself wishing that your week has been far better than mine! After the hideous flu bug of last week, this week it's a broken boiler meaning goodness knows how long without heating or hot water. It seems life has a wee bit of shit to throw my way right now, not as much shit as this lady is having to deal with this week, but still - ugh!

All sorts of fun happening on my desk this week | Emma Lamb

So while everything else is going totally cattywampus I am retreating into my studio to play amongst my pretty yarns! I must admit that over the last few weeks the crochet hasn't been going well at all, too many distractions I think. The aforesaid nonsense combined with too may ideas and too many possibilities all juggling around in my grey matter vying for attention. When my mind is racing from one thought to another every few seconds it's difficult to slow it down to focus on what I have in my hands at that moment. Even though I know what I want to do with it my motivation and energy is being sucked up by all these thoughts.

A trio of pincushions added to my shops this week | Emma Lamb

I have achieved one or two things this week so it does feel like thing's might be coming into focus just a wee bit. A few garlands and pincushions have been finished and added to my Etsy shop and Folksy shop shelves, so that's a wee tick off the epic to do list. Phew! I also have a lovely custom mobile project that needs to be completed over the weekend which I'm hoping will help me to focus even more. I so need to get back into a rhythm of being less distracted and to do that I need to do more and think a little less. It's time to stop pondering all the possibilities and remind myself of the fun of just making.

Garlands and pincushions agogo! | Emma Lamb

So that's my plan for this weekend, to just have fun making and forget about all that nonsense!
Emma, x

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  1. Sounds like good advice! Advice I need to listen to, too...

  2. I hope this weekend winds up being better for you ... i just despise those slumps we all get into when our minds thoughts take over ;-(.

  3. Thank you for the reminder...time to put some dance music and start stitching!

  4. I hear you loud and clear. I seem to go from one thing to another and never finish a thing. Not just in the crafty world but in everything I do. My friend diagnosed me with Scattered 50's Syndrome! ( I did a post on it a couple of weeks ago!). I am making myself focus and getting things finished. It feels good!

    Cindy Bee

  5. Oh I do know what you mean! I get so so distracted and overwhelmed creating for my shop that I do lose sight of just making for fun. I remidied that a bit the other day by making something just for me/my home and it was very fun! Sometimes you just have to create for the sake of it, and not to just complete projects for others and for shops. I do hope you are feeling better now and your crochet is always lovely to see!


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