making everyday beautiful : orange you lovely!

making everyday beautiful : orange you lovely! | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Twiggs Claudia, 2. balu51, 3. sonja-ksu, 4. Three Red Apples, 5. NWY69, 6. Gigi Melo

Hello and happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!?
I'm in need of warmth today - day 4 of no heating thanks to a broken boiler - so to help banish any chilly thoughts I've sourced this gorgeous collection of cosy orange tones from 'making everyday beautiful'. Just looking at these intense flaming orange colours and admiring sonja-ksu's fiery roses is making me feel warmer already! Now if it would just stop raining until we get our new boiler installed...

Emma, x

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  1. Gorgeous, I love orange. Hope you're feeling toasty again soon.

  2. Oh so good to know that my picture has also brought some warmth to you! It's such a summerish image after all! We are still good without any heating, but apparently we have a storm coming in our way this evening! I'll be honest, I love storms, specially when I don't have outdoor plans for the week! :)

  3. Hope the boiler will be delivered very soon. Sending you warm thoughts. (though it's raining here) oxoxo

  4. Beautiful, Emma, glad my picture helped warm you up too!
    Hope your new boiler is installed soon. At least it will be before the really cold winter weather comes. You'll be all toasty this winter :)

  5. Thank you Emma to feature my picture here, you indeed made my day :)

    And I hope it's not too cold there today, and your boiler is fixed.



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