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Hello and happy Monday my friends!

So sorry for leaving you guys in the lurch last week without a lovely Friday blog post! I had good reason though, well at least I hope you will think so!? After many frustrating attempts I was finally starting to get my head around creating my own crochet charts in Photoshop. Woo-hoo! Most of my crochet designs are created in circular rounds which is less straightforward that flat work when it comes to charting. I have sampled some software that's out there but have found it to be less intuitive than I'd like, so instead I've gone back to a program that I know my way around. So far I'm really excited about the results and feel like I'm starting to get to grips with the whole process. I love learning new things like this!

making everyday beautiful : comforts of home | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. I.E., 2. At Swim-Two-Birds, 3. olive.villarreal, 4. dottie angel, 5. cafe noHut, 6. found and sewn, 7. susanblackdesign

Anyhow, onto today's picks from 'making everyday beautiful'. With the clocks changing this weekend and the ever dwindling daylight hours it's the time of year for nesting and focusing on the comforts of home. Over the next few months I do all I can to maximise the white space in my home and studio to make the most of the limited light. Visual decluttering is always a good way for me to do this, especially in my studio which could also stand a wee bit of actual permanent decluttering too. In a couple of weeks we will have our new boiler installed which I will swiftly follow with a wee bit of decorating - more bright white paint and another floor painted in the same yummy pale grey as my studio. I'm probably more excited about that than having hot water and heating again! So yes, today's 'comforts of home' picks are motivating my seasonal studio shuffle and are making me think that a few fresh flowers nestled alongside my plants would add the perfect touch of colour to cheer up the drab days.

Emma, x

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  1. What a beautiful collection! Some of my favorites from "making everyday beautiful", and some new ones!

  2. O boy. I was wondering why I didn't saw any updates from you on bloglovin' (as I entered everything manually instead of using the convenient buttons). Turns out I was following a crossdresser with sort of the same name. Anyhow, I use Adobe Illustrator for my crochet charts. I even got my BF excited about building a crochet diagram tool/generator sort of thingy for us hooky people. Have to wait and see how that works out but if it does, I'll tell you immediately!

  3. Gorgeous collection of photographs. So inspiring!

  4. I have to say if you ever add crochet patterns to your shop I would be there in a flash! *Puts up had for pattern testing if ever needed!*

  5. Thanks Emma for including my Liberty lamp and orchid in this lovely selection!

  6. Gorgeous pics - such lovely inspiration - just what we need on these dark winter nights! xx

  7. Wonderful images!!! I have such a hard time with lighting in my home as it is very rustic and
    rich colors. As beautiful and cozy as it is it's not very bright and airy. Good luck with the charts!


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