etsy favourites : starting a list for you know who!

No not Voldemort! The other fella. You know, the beardy one in the red suit? Keeps a list of who's been naughty and nice? Yeah, him! It's still a bit soon to be mentioning his name out loud but after the irritable morning I've had (dumb computers again) I'm feeling totally justified in doing a wee spot of window shopping on Etsy and starting my you know what list...

etsy picks : starting a list for you know who! / curated by Emma Lamb
Links: 1. Bazaar Living, 2. materialised, 3. Heartland Yarn Company, 4. koshikira, 5. Stepanka Ceramics, 6. Shards by Tania, 7. Blue Raspberry Designs, 8. Tada by Jill McDonald, 9. gennamaria, 10. Kate Zaremba Company, 11. Spoonful, 12. A Crooked Sixpence

I adore Princess Sienna from Materialised, a complete diva of a cat who insists on wearing her crown to bed! Vincent Van Gogh with his hand painted tattoos is so fabulous! You should definitely check out the rest of Blue Raspberry Designs tattooed plush dolls, they are just as amazingly beautiful too. Oh, and how beautiful is koshikira's agate necklace!? That blue is so delicious! As are Tania Covo's sea glass earrings. Tania creates some of the best sea glass jewellery I've ever seen and seems to know just how to get the best out of the beautiful glass and pottery pieces she finds.

Have you seen Jill McDonald's 'I Think I Can' print before? If you haven't hop over and take a peek to see the ending. I think this is top of my list today because in the simplest and sweetest way it sums up my thought process for new ideas. Well most of them! Occasionally things do go awry and on those occasions my last thought wouldn't be quite so pleasant and most likely just a wee bit bluer!

Happy Friday!
Emma, x

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  1. I love your Etsy picks!

  2. Great taste! Gotta get that No. 5 mug on my list right away!! ;)

  3. Really lovely finds Emma! So chuffed so see my Princess included :-)

  4. Wonderful List. Especially like the hot water bottle...


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