colour stories : Cassia Beck

Good morning my friends! It's been a couple of months since I've shared an inspirational colour story with you all, but today I have invited a fabulous guest to tell us a wee bit about her love of colour - the wonderfully talented Cassia Beck! I am sure many of you will already know and love Cassia's gorgeous photography and her uniquely dreamy, nostalgic vintage style!? I have been a huge admirer for many years now and have already featured many of her beautiful images here on my blog, so it is such an honour to be able to welcome Cassia herself to my blog today! Let me hand you over to this lovely lady to share her colour story...

colour stories : Cassia Beck | Emma Lamb

"From childhood and into my early adult life, my favourite colour was always blue; teal or turquoise to be specific. As I have grown older I have become more interested in how colours work together and just how many shades of each colour there are.

I really embraced colour when I began selling my collage work under the name of Violet May. People always comment on my chosen colour combinations and I really enjoy playing around with cut paper to make something interesting, happy and most of all, colourful! I am also a photographer and find colour to be very important in my work. Lola's Room has a pastel palette and is feminine whereas Cassia Beck Photography is more vibrant and raw. I decided to separate my photography under two different names for this reason.

colour stories : Cassia Beck | Emma Lamb
colour stories : Cassia Beck | Emma Lamb

My favourite colours change all the time, right now I love charcoal grey and mustard yellow. I am slowly building a yellow and grey palette in my home, the downstairs area is open plan so I want to link each living space together using these colour accents.

I would say my use of colour in the home is safe. I keep my house painted white throughout and add pops of colour with my vintage finds and art on the walls. I like a clean, uncluttered space, although my three children have other ideas! I think this is reflected in my work too, particularly my collage pieces. I often use a black and white image and work around it with splashes of colour.

colour stories : Cassia Beck | Emma Lamb

I love most colours deeply but still have an aversion to forest green and navy blue, the colours of my school uniforms. I had a good time at school so there are no negative connotations there, I just link those colours to boring clothing, worn every day!

I feel happy with interesting hues surrounding me. Colour rocks my world."

colour stories : Cassia Beck | Emma Lamb
All images: Cassia Beck | Lola's Room | Violet May // society6 - facebook - twitter

"Colour rocks my world." - Hands up everyone who agrees with Cassia!? Me, me, me!!! I am also finding myself nodding in agreement with Cassia's decorating philosophy, lots of white with splashes of interesting colour just like her approach to her Violet May artwork. It's definitely the philosophy I share too and I think that's why I am especially fond of her whimsical collages!

Emma, x

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