colour pinning : geometric rainbows

Happy Friday my friends! I hope you've all had a great week!? I've spent the last few days wrapped up in blankets while sipping hot honey and lemon to try and fend off a nasty cold/flu bug. After three days of feeling utterly grotty I'm hoping I'll be more like my old self tomorrow ready to make the most of the weekend.

One of the few things that has kept my sanity in tact these last few days has been getting to play with my spiffy new laptop. OMG, I love it! It is so fast and easy. Everything just works and that dreaded 'why won't you connect to my wifi' moment was entirely non-existent, phew! Oh, and the touch screen! The touch screen is my absolute favourite. Wheeee!!! Windows 8 on the other hand - meh. I'm not feeling the apps start screen feature at all, but hey-ho maybe that's me just being so behind with all this techie stuff and I know I'll get used to it eventually. Haha!

Anyhow, to end the week I've been having yet more fun over on my Pinterest pages looking for gorgeous colours. So here are a few finds from my 'sing a rainbow' board that are making me smile today...

colour pinning : geometric rainbows // curated by Emma Lamb

1. Digital Floral Cushion : Oliver Bonas {pin} You know me, I do love a wee bit of colourful pixellation!

2. Bonnie Gammill: Color Cloud : Paper Party {pin} How amazing is this colourful raining cloud!? It's entirely handmade with paper by artist Bonnie Gammill, to see more of her pieces just follow the link.

3. wood & wool harlequin blanket : wood & wool stool {pin} Ingrid's harlequins designs and her way with colour are both stunning!

4. Scrappy Hour Glass Blocks : Pink Penguin {pin} Sweet little quilt blocks, just because.

5. Experimental: Ink Sketches : Colourbox {pin} Totally 'cattywampus' rainbows. Yay, got to use my new favourite word!

6. Splash Tray | Fine Little Day {pin}

7. Cubit by Mymito : Archiproducts {pin} I do love this colourful Cubit shelving system, there's an even larger version if you follow the link but I'm quite smitten with this tall and narrow arrangement.

8. rhombus pattern wrapping paper : enna {pin} More harlequin diamonds, also just because ;)

Have a fab weekend everyone!
Emma, x

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  1. So many colours. Great pictures.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. How fun! Hope you feel tip top this weekend.

  3. what beautiful colors, congratulations you have a wonderful blog! hello

  4. beautiful pictures and beautiful colors!

  5. I'm loving the digital floral cushion.
    Way to go having fun with pinning. Sometimes I feel as if it should be considered an Olympic Sport...

  6. Hope you feel better soon. My daughter hates the window 8 home too. She changed hers not sure how you do it though. Happy weekend x


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