paint palette : Farrow & Ball's new hues for 2013

Since I'm having a 'me' week this week I though I would look to some of the professionals for a colour palette this week and who better than Farrow & Ball!? This week they added nine new paint shades to their range, some very typical of their style alongside one or two fun surprises. Take a peek...

paint palette : Farrow & Ball's new hues for 2013 | Emma Lamb
All images: Farrow & Ball

As I said the range of whites and greys they've added are very typical of their signature style as are some of the cute and quirky names. Mole's Breath "reflecting the beautiful colour of a mole’s coat" and Dimpse being "the colour of twilight according to West Country dialect". Stiffkey Blue is another Farrow & Ball classic "reminiscent of the extraordinary colour of the mud found at Stiffkey beach, Norfolk". The surprises are a true pink called Nancy's Blushes, the energising St Giles Blue and the retro inspired Yelowcake!

Although I'm not excited by the new 'whites' (I always prefer a pure white) I think it's a well balanced collection of colours to add to their range and I do have my favourites. I love St Giles Blue for an accent colour but Nancy's Blushes is the one catching my imagination most of all. It's not far from all those peachy tones I'm loving right now and I could certainly see myself working it into one or two furniture projects, maybe with a wee hint of the Purbeck Stone or Mole's Breath?

Which ones, if any, are your favourites? Do let me know in the comments, I'd love to know your thoughts on these.

Emma, x

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  1. Yellowcake reminds me of children's nurseries in the 80's, I'm not at all sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing! However Nancy's Blushes paired with Ammonite is making me rethink my white on white plans for our sitting room :)

  2. I'd love to use this palette in a quilt, "Nancy's Blushes" is yummy! Awesome share!

    1. ...but I started an art journal page instead, much quicker!


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