creature feature : Sweet Bestiary

Sweet Bestiary - Art dolls, puppets, figurines and miniatures made by Flor Panichelli. | Emma Lamb

Have you heard of Sweet Bestiary? This collection of adorable and exquisitely handmade miniature fairytale creatures is by the incredibly talented Flor Panichelli. As a fellow Etsian I have admired Flor's work for years now and with every new collection or shop update I find myself in awe of her tiny creations.

It's the effortless way in which she fills each and every creature with her sense of wonder, whimsy and joyful imagination that I find totally enviable. Not only that but her skill and creative process is breathtaking! Each tiny beast (less than two inches tall!) is individually hand sculpted from paper clay before being meticulously hand painted. Flor's incredible attention to detail renders me almost speechless every time! Aren't they gorgeous!?

Sweet Bestiary - Art dolls, puppets, figurines and miniatures made by Flor Panichelli. | Emma Lamb
All images: Sweet Bestiary // shop - blog - facebook

As well as her Antler girls, Bunnyraffes, Moustache men, super cute Halloween miniatures and Victorian bunnies (almost her entire collection then!) my favourites are Flor's adorable costumed boys. Being a huge Studio Ghibli fan, Totoro boy is at the very top of my wish list. I love him so much!

Emma, x

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  1. Really supercute! It's hard to choose only one...

  2. I love Flor's work! So much fun!


  3. I love them too! Nice to see the new ones too, haven't been watching that closely.. :)

  4. I have been following her for a while via ingtagram, and I admire her jobs...

  5. Replies
    1. I knew you would love her work! Definitely check out Flor's blog for some of her other work too, there's tons I think would be right up your street :) xx

  6. They're fabulous! Impossible to choose a fave!


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