a picture a day in August, week 4

Day 25, The August Break, 2013 - { sunday morning } // feeling very lucky | Emma Lamb

Hello, hello! Oh wow is it lovely here in Edinburgh today, it is warm and the sun is shining brightly. It almost feels like summer again and here's me getting set for the autumn after yesterday's post. Oh well, there's nothing to do except go outside and make the most of it. Yay! Before I do though, here's a last wee round-up of my August break daily pictures...

Day 27, The August Break, 2013 - { number } // three, is the magic number! | Emma Lamb
Day 28, The August Break, 2013 - { smell } // he smells so damn good after his haircut! | Emma Lamb

Omg, I love this picture of Spanner! I took it right after he came back from his haircut last week. His tilted head is because I'm keeping his attention by enquiring as to whether he might like a cracker!

Oh, and below is my newest favourite thing. At last I have a Fi bench from Bluebellgray, woo-hoo! I have wanted this for so long and finally my wish came true this weekend. I've only been using it for a few days but already it is my favourite place to sit and crochet. I love it!

Day 29, The August Break, 2013 - { your fave thing } // my newest favourite thing | Emma Lamb
Day 30, The August Break, 2013 - { sign } //  +  | Emma Lamb
Day 31, The August Break, 2013 - { smile } // happy face | Emma Lamb

And what a wonderful picture to end the month on - a happy, smiley Spanner face!

Oh btw, I got to see my physiotherapist this week for a full assessment. Thankfully he doesn't believe that the pain I have been having is sciatica, instead it is muscular issues in my back and hip that should be far easier to relieve with regular stretching exercises for a few weeks. Even though I have been feeling pretty good there is still an underlying problem, but it's good to know what it is and how I can fix it now. Phew!

Emma, x

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  1. Emma, I like all your photos, and think that Spanner is a true star...give him another treat...say it was sent to him from New York.

    Please do keep up your stretching and whatever is advised to lower that pain.


    1. Haha! Thank you Frances, I shall give my wee man an extra cracker later this afternoon and tell him it was from you ;)

      I certainly will! The stretches I was doing are gentler version of what I've been asked to do now, but already I can feel an improvement / difference in my back and hip from these more intense stretches. It's only been a couple of days but that is a great sign nonetheless!


  2. I love the photo's of Spanner. What a happy dog!

    1. A new haircut and an afternoon on his favourite beach make for a very happy Spanner indeed! xx


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