colour crush : Anthro's chunky baubles & raffia tassels

Tasselled Strands Necklace from Anthropologie | Emma Lamb

I must admit I'm not one for wearing kitsch chunky statement necklaces, I did go through a wee phase a few years ago, but it didn't last long! Now I much prefer more minimalist pieces or delicately handmade jewellery, especially if they have a vintage or textile element. Even so I am finding myself quite smitten with these chunky baubles and raffia tassels from Anthropologie, they are just so much fun. Retro, kitschy, playful fun! They're the kind of necklaces you would expect a grandmother to donate to her granddaughter's dressing up box and that wee girl would wear them all at one in a kitschy B. A. Baracus style. Who else loved The A-Team!?

Obviously I've picked out this wee collection in particular for their colours. 'Citrine & lilac' is an unusual one for me as I find that kind of zesty yellow tough to love, but mixed with the mint, lilac and teal it looks really interesting. 'Late summer sunset is a no-brainer for me really, rich coral orange with charcoal grey and a wee hint of raspberry and chalky blue. Lovely! On and 'turquoise pop' is just gorgeous! Those blush and warm sandy tones with a touch of cool grey and a great pop of turquoise are a summer classic and great wedding colour palette.

Figli Layer Necklace from Anthropologie | Emma Lamb
Clouded Bluff Necklace and Fanned Raffia Pendant from Anthropologie | Emma Lamb
All images: Anthropologie

Which is you favourite and would you wear any of these necklaces yourselves? I'd love to know!

Emma, x

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  1. I'm fascinated by the color combo in the citrine and lilac color scheme. But I would wear the summer sunset necklace. I think the chunky beads would be quite nice with all the boring solid colored tanks I tend to own.

    1. I thought you might find this interesting Rachel :) My wardrobe is filling up with more floral prints these days so I think that's why I prefer simpler jewellery pieces. When I was textile designing and working intensley with pattern and fabric I would only wear plain colours too and that's when I had my 'chunky bauble' phase. Interesting! xx

  2. like you say I think it depends what you are wearing...... they are all gorgeous but I think I like the tasselly one at the top best..... X

  3. Late Summer Sunset! With a simple top.


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