the flow of inspiration and the Jade Princess

Remember a couple of months ago now when I wrote this 'colour pinning' post about my love for a new favourite colour combination, jade & peach? Well, these colours are still on my mind and as it happens on the minds of other crafty creative types too. On seeing my post the fabulous Rachel over at Stitched In Color couldn't get them off her mind either!

the flow of inspiration and the Jade Princess | Emma Lamb

With her thoughts full of jadey-peachy inspiration she rushed off to her fabric cupboard to search out the perfect jadey-peachy combination for a new quilt project she had in mind. But alas when she got there the cupboard was bare! Well, I'm guessing not bare just bereft of the perfect jadey-peachy combination she was looking for. So along with her lovely friend Alice, of Fresh Modern Fabric, they got their heads together and compiled the most perfect collection of jadey-peachy fabrics for Rachel to work with.

Alice did add a few fat quarter bundles of these fabrics to her Etsy shop but they sold out so quickly! If you are interested in knowing more about the fabrics they chose you can see all the details on Etsy here, you'll need to scroll down a wee bit to see the full list.

And here it is, the stunning dogwood blossom quilt Rachel created...

Jade Princess, dogwood blossom quilt by Rachel Hauser at Stitched In Color | Emma Lamb
All images: Rachel Hauser / Stitched In Color

Isn't it beautiful!? I love this simple and bold dogwood blossom pattern and I love that Rachel called it the 'Jade Princess'! A suitably girly name for a beautiful quilt that would be perfect for a wee girls bedroom, right? Oh how I would love one of these dogwood blossom quilts for my own bed too, but maybe with the delicious jade fabric 'Pearl Bracelet in Swiss Chard' in the background. Or maybe 'Snaps in Cream Black' for an even more grown up look! I wonder what it would take for Rachel to whip up just such a quilt for me!? Rachel?

What's most exciting though is seeing the flow of inspiration in action, seeing Rachel take a wee idea that had been floating around my head and create something tangible and so beautiful with it. Totally inspiring, thank you Rachel!

Emma, x

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  1. Adore these peachy pink shades.
    The color combo Rachel used is crisp and clean.
    Very inviting. ;)

  2. Oh, Emma, I am so honored! I love your collage of the Dogwood quilt. It is wonderful the way the interwebs can allow us to encourage and inspire each other. The "flow of inspiration" is a perfectly delightful place to be!

    1. Yay, so thrilled you love it Rachel! Yes it is indeed a fabulous place to be :) xx

    2. As it happens, that is the day I started following your blog after I saw Rachel's post.

  3. Great !
    Greetings from Poland :)


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