making everyday beautiful : the evening light

making everyday beautiful : the evening light | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. balu51, 2. tiel*sk, 3. ZedBee - Zoë Power, 4. fox-and-fern, 5. RosaMaría {464 La vida compartida...}, 6. Clare@selfsewn, 7. r3tta

Hello and happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend!?

I'm feeling great today, so much like my old self again and with such a feeling of creative energy! I can't wait to get this week started, so let's get on with it!

Today I've picked out this collection of images from 'making everyday beautiful' because of their gorgeous colours and lighting which remind me of those late summer evenings when the sunsets are at their best! When the sky is ablaze with those fiery pinks and reds that slowly fade to blush pinks, cool blue and soft mint tones before giving way to deep teal blue and eventually the intense indigo of the night. Ethereal colours and for me all these images have such a wonderfully ethereal beauty. That transitional feeling is certainly getting stonger!

Emma, x

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  1. these are all so pretty :)
    have a super week~

  2. The hydrangea looks very pretty and I like the idea of hanging patchwork so you can see through it.
    S xx

    1. It is beautiful isn't it!? I adore the vintage table cloth as a curtain too :) x

  3. Lovely images. I live in Inverness and I am looking over to the Black Isle on this beautiful day and finding your images just adds to the good feeling that sunshine brings :)

  4. What a beautiful collection - I adore evening light - something about the softness and warmth....reminds me of this beautiful sunset in Cornwall:
    I feel honoured to be included - thanks so much! And very glad to hear you are feeling better xx

    1. OMG, yes! That picture is exactly what I had in mind when I curated today's collection - gorgeous! I'm so thrilled to include your picture... and your Orla bag! ;) xx

  5. Oh so lovely. The world is a glorious place!


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