colour pinning : parchment & pine forest green

Hello and happy Friday everyone! I'm so happy it's nearly the weekend as this will be the first in a month that I'll be able to get out and about to see the world again. Well I need to wait in for a sofa delivery tomorrow morning but after that I'm outta here! Yep, my sciatica pain has completely subsided for the time being, just in time for my first physiotherapy appointment on Monday. Typical. Still it will be good to get some advice and whatnot to manage or even stop any future flair ups altogether. That would be great!

Anyhow, lets end the week with a few of my favourite pins shall we!? Some of these aren't that recent but I really love this interesting combination of parchment and pine forest green tones...

colour pinning : parchment & pine forest green / curated by Emma Lamb

It's a gorgeous combination, right!? I love the cosy warmth of the parchment tones from creamy whites to the pale gold of the aged book pages balanced with the earthy-ness of the rich greens. Add in some vintage blush pinks and berry reds with graphic black elements and you've got this gorgeous Scandi meets English country vibe going on. I love it!

1. Sussex Countryside : Hello Paper Moon {pin} Nicola from Paper Moon has such a gorgeous sense of colour!

2. At Home With Sarah Sandidge : A Beautiful Mess {pin} A pretty snippet from a beautiful light and airy home, did you notice the tiny green details in the curtain brackets and cushion pom poms!?

3. A series of collages based upon the phrase Stop To Appreciate The Echo, or S.T.A.T.E Magazine : Nicola Starr Illustration {pin} Beautiful collage art!

4. equator : Ochre {pin} I love photo shoots for websites and magazines that style a room with intense colours in the background and this green in amazing!

5. Metsälintu : Sanna Annukka {pin} Gorgeous screen print by Sanna Annukka, this is my favourite from her current collection.

6. The Figgle Family's Cozy First Home House Tour : Apartment Therapy {pin} I love the deep green accents in this kitchen, especially on the wall shelves where the outer edges have been coloured and the interior is still a lovely tone of cream. Such a great idea for adding strong colour without it becoming overwhelming, a wee trick I need to remember!

Emma, x

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  1. wowo! Emma I love this collection!!
    I was looking right for this inspiration to make a new decor project thank you so much for sharing ;)

    1. Haha, thank you Katia! It is a beautiful combination and I can't wait to see what you create, do show me! xx

    2. of course Emma! As I come back from my september holiday I will work on it! ;)

  2. Lovely colors together formidable :)

  3. I love this combinación. So gorgeous and nice. This colors separatly not say much .....but in this combinacion ...amazing

  4. Stunning combo. Not necessarily one I would think of - Pinterest is great for stuff like this! It's like your own personal interior designer.


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