colour palette : thrifted threads

Hip, hip hooray it's Friday!

Have you all had a great week!? I am so happy to be moving again and not feeling the need to take painkillers anymore, such a relief! There's definitely going to be a large glass of red wine with my name on it tonight, oh yeah! Anyhow, before that I've got this lovely 'thrifted threads' colour palette to share with you...

colour palette : thrifted threads - curated by Emma Lamb / image © emma lamb

Earlier this week I was sorting through some old boxes and found this wee collection all bundled together, aren't they lovely? They had been wrapped up in some tissue and earmarked for an embroidery project a long time ago, I'm talking years as in back when I was designing children's wear! I know I've had these for at least ten years and I can still remember the day I found them and a whole bunch of others in a Cadbury's Roses tin (that lovely round one in the last picture from yesterday). It's not really the kind of thing you forget, is it!? It's like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Even then these threads were old, maybe another twenty or thirty years? Maybe more? Thing is, these colours look so fresh together and so very now! They could easily be the inspiration behind next season's fashion or home wares collections. Those almost neon tones of lime, pink and orange next to the cool blues and grey with just a hint of warm ochre and rich berry purple to make them feel autumnal. I love this balance of the cool and warm, very inspiring!

Wishing you all fabulous weekend!
Emma, x

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  1. Thank you for your post. It made me smile this evening. The colours are lovely.

  2. Emma, I am glad to read that you are feeling better. And that you've discovered this treasure box of beautifully colored threads.

    Having been around for decades myself, I am often surprised by a discovery of a long overlooked collection of yarns, threads, or even beautiful fabric left over from a long ago time when I made my own clothes.

    Sometimes I do think that my own tiny apartment has more gems than thrift shops or flea markets in my part of New York. Always, I love visiting your site, and seeing the colorways that you compile, and how often these colorways do take me down my own memory lane.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Emma.

    1. Yes, it is wonderful when you unearth a long forgotten treasure and it triggers a moment of creativity. So much fun! xx

  3. Wonderfully fresh! I could do a quilt in those. Uhoh, you are becoming a habit for me ;). I have definitely been drawn to royal blue with pink this year. And, just earlier today I was thinking I wanted to work with that citrine yellow.

    1. Haha, so happy I can keep you busy ;) I'll look forward to seeing your 'citrine' projects, I find it so hard to work with but am trying to embrace it more here on my blog and experiment with combinations. I think I prefer it when it's erring on the side of lime green instead of yellow though... xx


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