colour palette : button bowl

Happy, happy Friday! How are you all? I hope you've had a great week? Apart from catching up with a few things I've mostly been procrastinating around doing my accounts. I did start out enthusiastically but then was shot down when I accidentally deleted a years worth of one spreadsheet. Ugh! The only backup I have are the monthly printouts so I've been faced with the mind-numbing manual task of re-writing it. Double UGH!

colour palette : button bowl - curated by Emma Lamb / image © emma lamb

Anyhow, instead of miserable numbers lets focus on something much more lovely to take us into the weekend - vintage buttons! Ah, I feel better already. So you might of noticed the lovely 'diagonal' button picture at the bottom of this post earlier in the week? Well, I just couldn't let a gorgeous collection of buttons like that go 'un-colour-paletted' now could I!?

It's been a while since I stocked up my button stash and I think last time I made a colour palette too. I just can't help myself! So yes, this lovely lot arrived in the post this week and I got totally snap happy with my camera. I love these colours (a bit jadey-peachy aren't they!?) and textures, they're vintage plastic from the 1930s and 1940s. My faves are the carved sky blue ones and I've already used some on a custom garland that will be heading off to it's new home today (pics next week). Until then let's just appreciate some colourful vintage button goodness...

stash building | Emma Lamb
stash building | Emma Lamb
stash building | Emma Lamb

Emma, x

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  1. When I was studying I was writing every day so I got into the habit of emailing the most recent version of my essay to myself. Works with spreadsheets as well and much easier than trying to remember which cupboard the external hard drive is :D

    1. I'm usually pretty good at keeping my records backed up whenever I make any changes but somehow this one file has been overlooked and I can't find the backup anywhere! It's likely I've saved it in completely the wrong folder, but it's not in any of the obvious ones so I've given up looking and just getting on with the task in hand. Ho-hum! xx

  2. Who doesn't love buttons.
    Beautiful !
    (Sorry about the mishap of your spreadsheet...not a great thing.)

  3. What a lovely collection vintage buttons:-) Beautiful colour palette and nice pictures!!

  4. Ah yes :) buttons are happy-makers :)

  5. What beautiful images of beautiful buttons. I love buttons and there is little else that can get me quite so excited as beautiful vintage buttons. Loved this post! xoxo

  6. How could pictures of buttons be so captivating? Amazing. I shall pin this palette because it would make a fantastic quilt!

  7. I appreciate the vintageness very much :) Love the baby-blue ones with their pretty texture :)


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