a photo a day in August, week 3

Day 16, The August Break, 2013 - { floral } // sea holly | Emma Lamb

Happy Thursday everyone, I hope you're all having a great week so far!? Here's another wee round-up of my August break daily pictures from the last week...

Day 17, The August Break, 2013 - { touch } - { books } // do not touch | Emma Lamb
Day 18, The August Break, 2013 - { looking down } // a me project! | Emma Lamb
Day 19, The August Break, 2013 - { white } // x:x:x | Emma Lamb
Day 20, The August Break, 2013 - { taste } // a taste of things to come! | Emma Lamb
Day 21, The August Break, 2013 - { something old } // just a few | Emma Lamb

Still lots of studio based images since my Sciatica issues have only just started to subside this week. Thankfully they have improved enough for my to take Spanner for a few very gentle and very brief walks. It's such a relief to be able to leave the house again, phew! The exercise must be helping as today I feel pretty good, especially after a more restful sleep last night too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that normality will return by the weekend, not a moment too soon!

On the upside, at least I've been able to make a wee bit of headway on this 'me project' lately. It's always good to find a silver lining to your cloud, right!?

Emma, x

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  1. How beautiful is the first picture of the purple thistle type flower !
    Hope you are on the mend and quickly return to your normal self. ;)

    1. Thank you Rose! The flowers are 'sea holly' or 'Eryngium' and they are amazingly beautiful! x

  2. I am so in love with the sea holly! Feel better, hopefully you are seeing a Physical therapist. If you find a good one they can be a world of good. Restorative yoga poses help as well too.
    Be well

    1. Thank you Donna! My physiotherapy appointment isn't until next Monday and I'm waiting to get checked over before I start any excersise plans. My doctor did recommend pilates might be good for me too so I'll be looking into both of these, hopefully soon! x

  3. Oh my, your plusses crochet blanket is gorgeous! Must pin. Glad you are feeling better lately.

  4. Vibrant and simple - I love the blanket!

  5. That blanket looks gorgeous, I love it!


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