snippets of summer : vibrant greens and unexpected pink

botanical details | Emma Lamb

A couple of weekends ago, on a prticularly hot summer's day I had a rare treat indeed - an afternoon at Edinburgh's Botanical Gardens without the wee man, eep! I feel guilty just talking about it! Dogs aren't allowed in so it's never really somewhere I think about visiting anymore. Before Spanner, and when we lived a little closer, my man and I would wander through there almost every weekend. We loved it and I do miss those walks very much. So as I said, the other week when it was way too hot for wee doggies to be out in the sun we took a sneaky couple of hours and a lovely walk through those gardens.

Needless to say I got a wee bit snap happy with my camera and even though many of the plants had just finished their flowering cycle there was still so much inspiration to be found. Instead of subjecting you to pages upon pages of leafy and flowery images I shall be adding my favourites to my Flickr pages and sharing the occasional post with you here. The first 'batch' I've sorted through are these gorgeous vibrant greens and amazing variety of pinks...

sprinkled with tiny petals | Emma Lamb
trimmed | Emma Lamb
when the petals have fallen | Emma Lamb
unexpected pink | Emma Lamb

I adore these shocking pink leaf stems, aren't they amazing!? It's always so inspiring to happen upon such beautiful and unexpected colours in nature like this.

Sorry I can't tell you what any of these plants are, I got completely carried away and forgot to take note of any names. Ho-hum, I shall just have snaffle myself another sneaky afternoon without the wee man!

Emma, x

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  1. It is indeed a lovely place! :)
    V x

  2. ahh nature is ever-inspiring, isn't it? :) it will never get boring..

    1. Too true Dorien, I will never tire of it's endless variety and inspiring colours! x

  3. Just wondering how I can never seem to recreate such lovely colour combinations and then noticed that the pink stems and green leaves are the same shades as in the potholder in the banner at the top of your blog! - beautiful colours, you have a very good eye.

  4. You always pick great things!
    I'm a huge fan of you:)

    1. Thank you so much sweet lady!!!
      You know I am a huge fan of yours too, everything you do is so beautiful and such an inspiration!

  5. Pink & green have always made a lovely combo, and the proof is here with your gorgeous photos, my friend ! Love this post ! oxox

    1. A classic indeed and I much prefer when the pink is less as it is here. Thank you my dear friend! x


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