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making everyday beautiful : handmade home | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. jasna.janekovic, 2. IDA Interior LifeStyle, 3. HeartHandmadeUK, 4. Gigi Melo, 5. Zilá Longenecker, 6. balu51

Hello, hello my lovelies!
I'm so thrilled to be back online after a wee extended break. Things got a bit crazy hectic at the beginning of the month and then of course we've had this unseasonally hot weather in the UK. What's the word I'm looking for? Hmmm... Oh yes! Summer!!! We're actually having a summer, yay! Oh it does feel good for the soul, doesn't it!? I feel so upbeat and energised, it's great... really great!

There's so much to talk about too and tons to show you, as I said it's been busy with so many lovely things and lovely people! But first things first - Happy Monday! I do hope you're loving today's 'handmade home' themed picks from 'making everyday beautiful'? I'm still in the midst of decorating and whatnot here so am particularly loving these beautiful spaces and details. Fresh and pretty; light and airy; lots of white with gorgeous colourful details; an eclectic mix of pattern and vintage details - absolutely perfect! I'm paying close attention to HeartHandmadeUK's alcove behind the sofa as I have a similar idea planned for my computer workspace in our living room. I'm thinking a standing height shelf to work at with a vintage trolley underneath to hold my printer and whatnot. I really love the vintage mirror hanging there too and have a couple of my own waiting in the wings for just such an idea. I feel inspired today!

Emma, x

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  1. oh wow, such lovely inspiring pics!
    can anyone join the flickr group?

    1. Thank you Nikki!

      Yes absolutely, please do come and join us! All submission to the group are moderated but if you take a wee look around you'll get a good idea of the style of images that do get approved.

      Find us here -


  2. Oh, that first picture is amazing! I have seen this lovely little things before and would really like to teach myself to make them...

  3. Thank you so much for including my picture on your blog, that's a very nice surprise. You made my day :)

    1. Thank you Regina! I'm so happy to have you in our Flickr group too :) x


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