making everyday beautiful : pastel pretty summer

making everyday beautiful : pastel pretty summer | Emma Lamb
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Hello! I'm back... again! Haha, yes I know, I keep dropping offline for a week or two at a time lately! I'm just so eager to get on with home diy stuff after having to put it off for so long. I had imagined that stripping the wood chip from our living room would take a wee while, but had anticipated how knackered I would be and how long it would take us to get the room looking vaguely homely again. Although the new sofa didn't go as planned we do have gorgeous white walls again and now it's time to start the fun part of shopping for lovely things! I will show you a wee peek once we're a bit more organised.
Oh and as well as the painting I've been working on a whole bunch of lovely custom orders these last couple of weeks, lots of mobiles especially. I'll show you tomorrow.

Anyhow, what about you? What have all you lovelies been up to? Enjoying the start of the summer I hope!?

Emma, x

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  1. so very beautiful! it's on my summer to-do to learn to crochet

  2. Lovely lovely summer pastels ... mmm Love these.
    You've been pretty busy with all the renovation, but it will be so worth it, it will feel like brand new !!
    Missed you in this space !
    oxoxo hugs

  3. Know how you feel, I'm having my heating system changed so will have to get out the filler, brushes and paints soon. Would rather be crafting. I've been trying new things and finishing off projects.

    S xx

  4. hi emma,

    your have such a lovely eye. your composition is always delightful.

    happiest summer wishes



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