making everyday beautiful : let's take tea in the garden

making everyday beautiful : let's take tea in the garden | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Candy Pop, 2. cafe noHut, 3. fox-and-fern, 4. Torie Jayne, 5. sfgirlbybay

Good morning! How was your weekend, did you get out and enjoy the sunshine?

We've been treated to a glimpse of summer loveliness here in Edinburgh, which was wonderful despite not getting to appreciate it fully. Another home diy project was on the 'to-do' list this weekend and I spent most of my time up a ladder with steamer in one hand and scraper in the other. It would be nice to say that the wood chip wallpaper I was tackling was all a quiver, but honestly... that stuff is stubborn! So far it's taken two days to clear less than half a room, but if nothing else I am a patient girl and will relish my victory when it eventually comes!

However, I did take a few tea breaks in the garden and oh how it would have be sweet for them to be as romantic as this weeks favourites from 'making everyday beautiful'. But no. With a mug of minty tea in hand, wood chips in my frizzy hair and jeans crusted with sticky wallpaper bits... 'romantic' was definitely not the look I had going on!

Emma, x

ps : If you missed it this weekend, I did a wee interview for my lovely friend Marna Lunt on her gorgeous blog on Saturday. Do hop on over and take a peek and while you're there check our Marna's gorgeous work too, you will love it!

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  1. Love the picture of the macaroon! Beautiful. The sun is shining here. Beautiful

  2. Just lovely. This post just makes me smile :-)

  3. Very pretty and thank you for including my teacup!

  4. Another sweet and gentle post, thank you!
    All the best with what you're tackling right now Emma, and full marks for perseverance - an awful job indeed!
    Glad to hear you're having a bit of sunshine over there - we are having very cold nights and mornings and a wee bit of sunshine through the day, interspersed with windy wet and cold days, but it is our winter!
    Joy x

  5. Thanks for all the pretty images ...good luck with the diy projects ..we are up to our elbows at our home across the pond here with them.

    Good luck and be well,



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