etsy favourites : favourite lists!!!

Etsy favourite lists : 'perfectly at home' curated by Emma Lamb

Yay! Yay and double yay! Oh I am so happy that Etsy have at last introduced this fabulous new feature - Favourite Lists!

For as long as I have known Etsy it has been a requested and suggested feature in the forums. I know I have craved it for a long time too, especially so after my treasury obsession subsided. To be able to sort and organise my finds into pretty collections and to co-ordinate them into to gorgeous colour groupings - an obsession you know I will never get over!

Etsy favourite lists : 'art wall' curated by Emma Lamb

Since discovering this new feature yesterday I have created six main boards (aside from the main collection holding all on my favourites, called 'Items I Love') to cover the categories I favourite regularly - jewellery, clothes and accessories, home decor, art, craft supplies and of course yarn! At the moment 'perfectly at home' and 'art wall' are my top faves. I want all of these things for my new living room, if only it were big enough and I had a lovely new sofa to plump all those cushions on... *sigh* Although it's not all bad my fabulous new white walls are ready and begging to be adorned with colourful prints!

Etsy favourite lists : 'wardrobe envy' curated by Emma Lamb

Etsy favourite lists : 'jewellery box' curated by Emma Lamb

Etsy favourite lists : 'feeling crafty' curated by Emma Lamb

Etsy favourite lists : 'delicious yarns' curated by Emma Lamb
(click on each of the images to be taken directly to that particular collection)

I've yet to curate a colour collection but I am sure that will happen soon over a large pot of tea and equally large bar of chocolate! If you've already started organising your Etsy faves too let me know in the comments so I can pop over and take a peek.

Emma, x

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  1. Beautiful post, as always.
    I am in for the pot of tea and a VERY large bar of chocolate ! ;)

  2. awesome, love it ... off to favourite the feck out of stuff now :)

    1. Hahahahaha!!! You just gave me a laughing fit! Possibly my all time favourite word used to perfection! xx

  3. Oh wonderful, can't wait to have a play, thanks for sharing x

  4. What gorgeous things! I have been busy organising too - love this feature :)

  5. I've just had a wee play with it and I think it's a great feature, much more engaging (and tidy?) than just favouriting which always seemed a bit casual IYKWIM. Encourages you to go and have a good look around as well.

  6. so much pretty stuff, thank you :)

  7. I'm not on Etsy as a seller anymore, but as a buyer I still am, so I think I'll give this new tool a try. Thank you so much for sharing ! :) oxox

    1. That's great dearest Sonia, I am sure you will find it very useful! xxx


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