shoptalk : European Kids on Etsy @ ByHand, Turin, Italy

So yes, a collection of my ladies have gone off to a fabulous fair in Italy. Actually they're already there and no doubt the stall is being set up as I type this here... eeek! This is my first event outside of the UK and the fair in question is Byhand located in Turin, Italy. I know, so exciting right!? Especially when you see the gorgeous venue, home of the Circolo dei lettori.

"Byhand is a temporary shop that merges fashion, design and art. The event presents unique opportunity for designers, stylists, artists, artisan boutiques, design studios, Italian and international ateliers, to showcase their latest collections and sell them directly to the public. Byhand is a place for people passionate about research, warm atmospheres and hot design. It's a meeting place for people in search of material poetry."

European Kids on Etsy @ ByHand, Turin, Italy | Emma Lamb
European Kids on Etsy, shops attending ByHand: robedellarobi, emma lamb (that's me!), domatoma, petitacosa, Mouton Cerise, yellOkids & mapano.

In a collaborative effort I'm taking part along with a select group of incredibly talented ladies from the European Kids Team on Etsy. Over the last few weeks seven of us have been plotting & planning and crocheting & stitching as much as we possibly could to have everything ready for today. We're all so excited and filled with anticipation for this three day event. I have to say it feels a wee bit odd not being there to represent my own work, I'm all geared up and excited but with nothing to do! Of course I have complete faith in the lovely Alessandra, from Mapano, who will be hosting the fair for us. No, I'm not jealous in the slightest... okay, maybe just a wee bit!

"Why byhand? It is all about hands which leave unique and inimitable signs. Hands that touch, interact, change. Hands that create objects intended for use, not just consumption.
Self-production | limited editions. In recent years, in a market crowded by industrial giants, self-production has become an informed choice, a way of life, a philosophy. Dotted around there are exemplary cases of design, creativity and craftsmanship which explore alternative avenues in order to create and emerge. Fresh, innovative and alternative this avant-garde contaminates and regenerates contemporary design through poetic processes and a 'slow' approach to work characterised by passion. The results are objects of desire, products not goods, creations rich in non-industrial charm. Garments, accessories, home design, limited editions, one-offs, brands and collections created by designers that work on a small-scale with human values at their core, which results in heartfelt, sophisticated designs."

I have high hopes for this weekend as the ethos behind the ByHand fairs couldn't be more in tune with ours as designer makers. They have four years of experience running these fairs in Turin too, which suggests that the lovely people there hold similar values and appreciate the beauty of handmade.

So exciting! Even writing about it just now has me all jittery with pre-fair nerves! I need a calming cuppa and a wee nip of chocolate...

Emma, X

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  1. Thank you Emma! I'm really happy to share with you and the other girls this great occasion!
    roberta - robedellarobi

    1. Hello Roberta!
      It's so exciting that the big day is here at last! I am so excited for Alessandra too, I know she is going to have such a wonderful time :)
      Emma, x

  2. Sounds so exciting a huge congratulations . Cannt wait for updates about this event.

  3. It does sound so exciting I hope you all do well x

  4. Very exciting happenings! I wish you all the very best with it all. Joy x

  5. Wow , it sound so very awesome ! Yeah. I would be a wee bit jealous as well . Looking forward to se how it turns out !


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