making everyday beautiful : petals & vessels

making everyday beautiful : petals & vessels | Emma Lamb
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Hello, how was your weekend?

Things were calmly productive here. Last month when I started work on re-decorating my studio I was also motivated to start a flat wide purge. Living with a person who doesn't like change means this needs to be done slowly by making decisions one at a time and with good reason. In a way that's great because it means we don't lose something we might regret letting go of later, but sometimes I get frustrated because I love change. Change of routine. Change of surroundings. It always feels refreshing to see or do something in a new way. As the saying goes 'a change is as good as a holiday'. So over the last few weeks we've been slowly making changes and there have been lots of trips to the re-use cabin at one of the city's recycling centres and a few trips to the charity shops. There are still more to come too.

I'm also doing a studio purge as I'd like to free up lots of space in there and aim for a more minimalist feel. Not true minimalist, obviously, but a lot less cluttered or overcrowded than it has been. For a wee while I haven't felt like I've wanted to spend a lot of time in that room because it has felt overwhelming. That's not good is it!? Anyhow, I'm saving up all the lovely bits 'n' bobs from my studio purge and am planning on holding a wee destash sale in a couple of weeks or so. Whenever I get organised really but of course I'll keep you updated.

All of that is completely unrelated to today's favourites from 'making everyday beautiful', but I hope you love them anyway!? I am completely loving the pretty fresh greens and the 'petals & vessels' theme. Oh, but when I have cleared out a few more things from this flat I am planning on adding a few more shelves here and there for more plant space. I've been living without growing fresh herbs for far too long! There you go, we got there in the end... hehe!

Emma, x

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  1. such prettyness! hope your clearing out goes well, it always makes you feel better I think to clear out the old and welcome in some new, my studio had a big sort out earlier in the year...mind you you can't tell that now!

  2. thank you so much for featuring my headband here with all these pretty 'petals and vessels' :)

    i should be doing a whole house purge-the studio as well-it always sparks new creative inspiration, i think...good luck with all of your 'home work'

  3. I agree, I would like to see more green and pretty plants around my home. Good luck with all the sorting and re-arranging, it will feel great. Heather x

  4. Ah yes Emma, clearing out is good for the soul; I need to do the same but been so busy crocheting and blogging that, although the 'regular' jobs get done, no extras have had any attention for a while! Just about time for it - but then it involves so many decisions doesn't it! I'm a gemini!!!
    I love this post with all its gorgeous photography - you always do such a lovely job with all your posts! Thank you for sharing so beautifully! Joy x

  5. Emma, on this day off from my working-day world, as compared to my very own creative-day world, I've been having a catch up visit to my favorite sites.

    Having once visited your beautiful part of Scotland, I've always liked to visit hereabouts. Your esthetic in both color and design is charming and unique, And...your crocheting is perfection.

    I send you best wishes on the Turin adventure. Surely, your creations will be well received.

    Let's see what else...ah yes, back to the point. Getting your studio revamped and cleared to the space that will inspire you to more creativity is a very worth process. Bravo to you on getting it done. As one, who has for years had a tendency to hold on to things (valued only by me, mostly) I do understand the decision making that can lead us to do what we are, at last, clear to do to clear space for future artistry. (I once was an archivist at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and do appreciate the value of keeping certain things for future eyes to see.)

    Best wishes

  6. hi emma,

    it's always so refreshing to visit your blog. read the thoughts that i'm thinking about my own space and be inspired by pretty words and images.

    happy weekend



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