making everyday beautiful : a handmade girl's world

making everyday beautiful : a handmade girl's world | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. le train fantôme, 2. Rosa Pomar, 3. katie f. b. [budpnq], 4. ted and agnes, 5. sonja-ksu, 6. itchinstitchin, 7. carriestrine

Today's weekly favourites from our fabulous Flickr pool, 'making everyday beautiful', are inspired by le train fantôme's handmade 'Lumi' doll. Isn't she fabulous!? I love her outfit, so sweet with her over sized yellow bow! (Find out more about Fanja Ralison's beautiful work here and be sure to check out her shop while you are there too!) So yes, while browsing through 'making everyday beautiful' this morning I spotted this whole collection of lovely images that perfectly complimented 'Lumi' doll. Then when I brought them together I saw a picture of her world appear, at least the world I imagine she would live in...

Of course she has an inherent love of handmade things and fills her wardrobe with carefully stitched dresses and elegant handmade jewellery; while the rest of her world is filled with an eclectic mix of ornate patterns all in a nostalgic but sophisticated palette of moody colours. When she's not visiting fabric shops or museums, reading or taking tea with friends you will find her with a needle and thread in hand. Quilting, stitching and making lots of pretty things. Oh, and I just know she is a lover of delicious dark chocolates, possibly violet creams are her absolute favourite!?

It's wonderful and inspiring isn't it!? The way we can read a whole character and personality in another person's handmade art. They suggest a story to us and our imaginations run wild with possibility and creativity. Do you do this too? How do you imagine Lumi's world to be?

Emma, x

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  1. Lumi would be far to up market for me - she would be so high maintenance. Although I think she is someone we would all love to aspire to be and I agree 70% coca bean chocolate would be her vice whereas give me a bar of dairy milk any day.

    Have a fun day Sue x

  2. Well - looking at Lumi I couldn't possibly imagine her with hands in soapy water washing dishes, or mopping the floor - she wouldn't want to risk wrecking her nail polish!
    And I now wonder what people might think when they see 'Annie Doll' that I've just posted on my blog!!! Lovely thought-provoking post Emma, thank you! Joy x

  3. Always inspired by Lumi, and the other finds you have shown are wonderful too. I must check out the Flickr group, thanks Emma,
    Love Kathryn x

  4. I love, love, LOVE the idea of Lumi (being so chic and all) wearing my necklace! Thank you for the daydream, Emma! And the feature, of course! :D

  5. Fabulous stuff, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!


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