making everyday beautiful : colour punch

making everyday beautiful : colour punch | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. paulamills, 2. ueha nochi, 3. stof enzo, 4. rose hip..., 5. Artoleria

Is anyone else in need of a punch of colour today!? After day upon day of dreary grey, non stop rain and an awful tummy bug I am in desperate need of some uplifting colour. Something to warm my soul and cheer me up. Something to distract me from everyone's complaints about the weather and wondering why I still have a winter duvet on the bed when we're just one month away from the summer solstice!

But when all else fails I know I can always rely on colourful rainbows (without the rain!) and a little ray of virtual sunshine from 'making everyday beautiful'. Can you feel it? The summery vibe eminating from your screen? Lovely, isn't it!?

I'm feeling better already!

Emma, x

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  1. Wonderful photos. Amazing colours lovely and bright :)

  2. Your pics would brighten anyone's day Emma, thank you for brightening mine! Joy x

  3. Thanks for the color pop! its been pretty dreary across the pond here!

  4. Gorgeous colors and.. I love Artoleria!


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