colour pinning : jade & peach

This week I've been working on writing another interview and one of the questions asked about my favourite colour. Now you know me, the instant I get asked that I always shout - 'Red!' - but this time I hesitated before writing that because it wasn't true... *audible gasp* ...I know, I know! Sometimes I really notice these shifts in my changing taste, but this time I haven't and it only dawned on me when that question popped up. I wanted to answer 'green', but not just any green. You know that yummy shade of jade that looks like it's just come out of a crayon box? Yeah, that one but paired with some lovely peachy orange, coral pinks!

My blog has already gone a wee bit peachy as you know and when I popped over to my Pinterest pages to see if there was a 'peachy-green' trend in my pins I was not disappointed. My subconscious has been busy!

My latest colour crush : jade & peach. | Emma Lamb

1. Sports Day print : Clare Nicolson {pin} My favourite from Claire's newest collection of prints.

2. Perfect match : Fjeldborg {pin} Oh my, that table! I've got an old wooden trolley that's in desperate need of a makeover and this would be perfect... or jade green, of course!

3. House of Money - Coral : Ferm Living {pin} Too cute!

4. Dynamisk Salong via Norske interiørblogger {pin} I love this space with just the merest hint of peach pink.

5. Hester, Green stackable dining chair : Habitat {pin} I'm looking for a new chair for my studio and can't decide between this of an Eames DSR in white!?

6. The Family Love Tree store photographed by Lauren Bamford via Mr Jason Grant {pin} Oh, you so need to take a peek at what this store has to offer. All the colours are just delicious and you need look no further for a Peacock Bed Head, they have them in every shape colour and size you could possibly wish for!

My latest colour crush : jade & peach. | Emma Lamb

7. The Reader print : Yelena Bryksenkova {pin} Beautiful print and reminds of an equally beautiful red head I know.

8. Owl (wool, alpaca yarn) : Quince & Co. {pin} Who needs an excuse for delicious yarn!?

9. Melbourne Home of Jessica Tremp via The Design Files {pin} I've got a huge pile of vintage wool blankets and one in a lovely pale green, but I would love to find one in such a rich jade colour as this.

10. Ceramics by Dietlind Wolf, photography by Nathalie Carnet via Elle Decoration France {pin} Utterly gorgeous colours!

I think this weekend I shall be hunting down some delicious glossy paints in both jade and peach for one or two makeover projects. Not sure how I'm going to break the news to my man though, might have to get a little sneaky with this one ;)

Happy Friday everyone!
Emma, x

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  1. I adore that peach table !

  2. Jade + Peach = Yes, yes, yes! Now I need the fabrics to make something happen...


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