studio details : a temporary relocation, while I redecorate

My studio a week ago before I started re-decorating, wonderful tidy and productive workspace! | Emma Lamb

Hello! I am here today, in my wee studio, only it doesn't look quite like this at the moment. Today it's not so much of a tidy and creative workspace, nor is it as colourful and pretty as it was one week ago. There aren't neatly organised piles of tins filled with colourful buttons, freshly crocheted flowers or piles of pretty yarn waiting to be crocheted into said flowers. But it is a hive of activity, just not crocheting activity...

My desk a week ago before I started re-decorating, wonderful tidy and productive workspace! | Emma Lamb
My studio today, completely topsy-turvy! | Emma Lamb

Instead of tins filled with pretty things there are tins full of delicious new paint in brilliant white and pebble grey. Wall paint, gloss paint, floor paint and even tins of paint stripper! Since Friday I've relocated half my studio to various places around our tiny flat (it feels like we're living in cluttered chaos at the moment so I am eager to get this job done as quickly as possible and get back to normal soon!); painted half my studio brilliant white and yes that is my desk, upside-down in the middle of the room! Today I have stripped umpteen layers of varnish off it and just now I am having a wee breather before I wash it down and tidy up that icky mess. I'm also checking through the to-do list, so much still to go...

+ Collect gorgeous brass castors and fit them to my desk.
+ Paint desk a delicious glossy white, but leave the top in beautiful bare wood.
+ Shimmy all of the furniture left in there to the already painted wall.
+ Paint the other half of my studio in the same gorgeous brilliant white.
+ Oh and the ceiling, mustn't forget the ceiling! (May have to sweet talk my man for this one, I'm so wobbly on a ladder if I haven't got a reassuring wall within arms reach, gulp!).
+ Paint my shelves and Bertha in the same delicious glossy white as my desk.
+ Scrub the floorboards super clean, ugh!
+ Paint newly cleaned floorboards in a delicious pebble grey.
+ Wait for floor to dry thoroughly (I know I am going to be so impatient here!).
+ Move all my crap lovely stuff back in there (minus the crap!).

My temporary workspace, relocated to the top of a tiny trunk in my living room! | Emma Lamb

But I think once I've tidied up today I shall brew myself a fresh pot of tea and sit myself down at my temporary work station (the top of a wee trunk in our living room) for a wee spot of colourful creativity to end the working day.

Emma, x

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  1. I can't wait to see it when it's all finished - enoy your pot of tea x

  2. Can't wait to see the end result.I think you deserve a Large pot of mint tea and an extra helping of gorgeous chocolate. ♥

  3. How many beautiful colors ... how beautiful balls! I love crochet, I love your beautiful work ... I love to see your studio so full of inspiration!
    Greetings from Rome

  4. Emma, your usual colorful creative is always inspiring. And today's post also inspires me. You've got great positive energy to do this top to toe sprucing up of your studio space. I like you list and way of organizing just what is involved in getting all to be the way you want it to be on day...well, I leave that number to you.

    Whenever it arrives on the calendar, the results will be splendid. ( I completely agree with your ceiling painting strategy.)


  5. Oooops Forgot to proofread. Should have typed "colorful creativity" and "I live your list..."

  6. Oh Emma your room is such a gorgeous inspirational space, I love your huge window, makes your room perfect for photography! Good luck with your task. I always run out of steam half way through and then plod on to the end! Love your little work station!
    It will be fabulous, look forward to seeing it!
    Have a good day! x

  7. I just love your color combinations and I look forward to seeing your studio once its all put back together :)


  8. I am insanely jealous of your week ago room, for me it just looks fabs, not to mention how it looks now. How do you get your wool in such beautiful and PERFECT balls? Please share I NEED, NEED, NEED to know. Love it! Hannapat

  9. Oh, it's pretty no matter where you put it! I think my little home makeover is heavily influenced by pictures of yours like this. Thanks for that!

  10. Sounds lovely! I can't wait to see it when it's all finished x

  11. That's looks like quite a job !! Looking forward to the end result !

  12. Exciting - watching the transformation :)

  13. Your craft room is so inspiring! I really admire your talent to decorate. Can`t wait to see the new room. Have a nice day!

  14. Your craft room looks amazing bursting with colour :)

  15. oooh ... painted floors!!! were you patient? gosh, my studio needs organization help. you inspire me, always!

    happy may eve!


  16. Hello Emma - I love your beautiful space and your creativity will surely flow even more when you've re-arranged and settled everything in, the way you want it!
    At this second I am your newest follower and look forward to catching up with your previous posts soon. Please feel welcome to visit me any time. Joy

  17. Gorgeous! So many colours yet everything seems to go. Can't wait to see the end result! :)

  18. Even when in transition your space is beautiful!


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