making everyday beautiful : take a deep breath

Hello, hello! Long time, no see! How are you all? Good, I hope? And not suffering from a grotty head cold like I have been this last week, ugh! I'm hoping I can shake it off properly in the next day or two and get back into full work mode again. There's lots going on at the moment and I want to get on with lovely things so I can show you lots of lovely things. Let's start with today though and my weekly favourites from 'making everyday beautiful'...

making everyday beautiful : take a deep breath | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. **mog**, 2. little a designs, 3. nanaCompany, 4. wood & wool stool, 5. endlesshue, 6. petits d├ętails, 7. BooDilly's

Oh, how I would love to take a long deep breath of fresh air without a tiresome bout of coughing and sneezing, that would totally make my day!

Oh btw, last week wasn't a complete write-off as I did achieve something, lots of spring cleaning around my blog here with a mini-makover to freshen things up for a wee while. What do you think? I love it! It might just be possible that I am finally over my pink phase... eep! Next I'll be turning my attention to my shops and whatnot (my wee Facebbok page has already been dusted down) over the coming week or so, I'll keep you update with things as they happen.

Emma, x

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  1. So fresh, so springy, so feminine ! What a lovely selection my friend !

  2. Another lovely heart warming collection x

  3. Beautiful! I have that nasty flu too! So tired of coughing, let's hope tomorrow will be better!

    1. Oh, not you too dear Kajsa!? So many people seem to have some nasty bug or other just now, ugh! Here's hoping that we'll both be sneezing and coughing less tomorrow :) xxx

  4. This is beautiful and makes me long of real spring!
    There has been some sneezing and coughing here too, so let's hope the weather will properly change soon!

  5. I hope you feel better soon! love this selection.

  6. As lovely as lovely can be, (thank you xo)! I do hope that you are feeling better, and here is to a beautiful spring!


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